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If you want to see real change in the State Republican Party, you need to vote for Jim Womack for NCGOP Chair and Miriam Chu for NCGOP Vice Chair. They are one of us who will clean up the NCGOP!

We are on the brink of losing NC to the evil progressives. We need to deliver NC to President Trump, elect Dan Forest for Governor, win back our super majority in the House, start winning judicial elections (we lost every one), and get back the majority in the NC Supreme Court (that we lost under the previous NCGOP failed leadership.

If you are a delegate, please get to the NCGOP state convention on June 8th to vote for Jim and Miriam!

The Conservative Coalition of NC is hosting the suite for Jim and Miriam at the Piedmont Room, second floor, Friday 10AM - !Pm and 5PM tp 11PM. Please come by and say hello. We will have beer, sangria, food, and great camaraderie!

Facebook page

Facebook page

And, this is more of why we support Jim and Miriam ...

We, Asheville Tea PAC , have joined forces with Liberty First and NC Judicial, also political action committees, to form the Conservative Coalition of North Carolina (CCNC)
Conservative voters need a place to land for activism, news, and a voice. Together we are stronger. While our organizations remain separate, our message and mission are one - We must get Conservative candidates elected. 

Come to Tea Time on June 13th at 6PM at IHOP, 229 Airport Road, Arden for the details on this very exciting new endeavor as the Constitutional Conservatives of North Carolina (CCNC) that will even better equip us to support candidates who adhere to constitutional authority.

We are, bar none, the largest grassroots conservative group in North Carolina! CCNC is hosting the second floor, Piedmont Suite at the convention hotel for Jim Womack and Miriam Chu on Friday, June 7th. Please make sure to come by.

Check out Facebook . Please 'like' and 'Share' posts . On Twitter @weareccnc and retweet.
The NCGOP Chair and Vice Chair Forum was Standing-Room Only!
The NCGOP Chair and Vice Chair Forum on June 1 2019 at the Skyland Fire Department was a great success! Just about every county in NC11 was represented in the room. Thank you Leo Phillips, our Chair moderator for doing such a fantastic job of covering all of the issues!

THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU who took the time on a Saturday night to engage in the political process.  This is very encouraging. We had not only Republicans in that room, but Unaffiliated voters and Walk Aways. Wow! Of course, this would not have happened without our candidates! Thank YOU!  

Follow Up at Mark Meadows Office June 3, 2019
Freedomworks Activists Take It On!

At 11AM June 3, 2019, a group of us visited Mark Meadows office in HVL as a follow up to the Freedomworks activist lobbying effort two weeks ago, May 19-21. #FixPatientsNotPrices #DontImportSocialism. After our sign wave and visit to drop off materials, we went to lunch at O'Charley's. Thank you Freedomworks for another great opportunity to magnify our voice for free market capitalism.

Happening NOW! Please check out this latest attack on FreedomWorks and add to the conversation on Twitter by responding and hash tagging #ampFW and #StopImportingSocialism!

Thank You!
Kathy & Alien

Upcoming Events
Our next Tea Time Meeting will be on June 13th at 6P at IHOP, 229 Airport Rd., Arden. Exciting news about our new Conservative Coalition of North Carolina. @weareccnc. We've joined forces with NC Judicial and Liberty First with one mission and a united voice. More here.

Because Melody Clarke, Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator for Heritage Action for America will be with us for two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, June 25th and 26th visiting 7 venues across 4 counties, we will not have Tea Time at Mills River Restaurant on Thursday June 27th . We are encouraging you to pick one of the seven venues to attend.

See Events Calendar to pick your event!
Illegals Monthly Child Rapes in NC

Attention NC Citizens,

The latest monthly installment of Child Rapes by Illegal Aliens in NC report has been published. 

It documents 29 illegal aliens who committed 43 separate acts of child rape/child sexual assault on NC's children during the month on May 2019.
Read more here who's gumming up the works on legislation.

And then there are the ignoramuses ...

Meet the Next NC House 113 Representative, Jake Johnson (R ) - Pro-Life, 2A, Free Market and Local Control of Education.

Come to Jake's Fundraiser at Champion Hills on June 11th. ATPAC has a table See here for details.

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