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The Construction Chart Book, 6th Edition

Chris Trahan Cain, Executive Director of CPWR and a good friend to SMOHIT, has announced the release of their sixth edition of  The Construction Chart Book: The U.S. Construction Industry and Its Workers . This CPWR mainstay, with its extensive statistical portrait of the construction industry, has become an essential reference for all construction stakeholders, such as policy makers, researchers, contractors, labor unions and management, construction workers, safety professionals, trainers, and journalists. Take a look inside the new Chart Book and you will learn that:
  • Construction unemployment dropped from a peak of  27.1% in February 2010 to  7.5  by  the end of 2015 (page 20).
  • There were  144,583 active apprentices in construction in fiscal year 2016, accounting for  more than 70% of the total in all U.S. industries (page 30).
  • Between 2010 and 2016,  35 states passed legislation preventing worker misclassification and increasing penalties for violations (page 22).
But the news is not all good. The number of fatal injuries in construction is up sharply from its low of 781 in 2011 to 985 in 2015 (page 38). While this was partly a reflection of job growth, it's still unacceptable. Despite continuous efforts, falls from heights claimed the lives of 353 construction workers in 2015, a 36% increase from 2011 (page 44). 

For more information, including important insights on issues from today's headlines, you can access this vital public resource here.

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