The Construction Zone
City of Buena Park Fire Station No. 61

Pre-Engineered Metal Structure Ahead of Schedule, Under Budget
Griffin Structures is serving as construction manager for Buena Park Fire Station No. 61 . The new 18,000 square-foot station will serve the City and its growing entertainment corridor. Fire Station No. 61 is operated by the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) and will house firefighters as well as OCFA administrative offices, serving as a Battalion and Division headquarters.

The $9.4 million facility is utilizing a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) framework, resulting in significant savings. Read more about current Griffin-managed PEMBs below .

Griffin has delivered many public safety facilities , including fire and police stations and emergency communication facilities such as th e Visalia Emergency Communications Center which opened in September and San Bernardino County Public Safety Operations Center . Buena Park Station No. 61 is the second station Griffin has managed for a city served by OCFA. The Tustin Fire Station No. 37 , also operated by OCFA, was completed in 2014.
Tustin Fire Station No. 61
San Bernardino County Public Safety Operations Center
"Griffin Structures services proved to be essential to the on-budget, on-time delivery of a project that will serve public safety needs of this community well into the future. Their expertise, experience, and attention to detail for this type of project kept this project on track, within budget, and ensured a quality finished product.”

- Jason Salazar, Chief of Police, City of Visalia
Visalia Emergency Communications Center
Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) Projects

Griffin is managing the delivery of Cathedral City Fire Station 411 , Great Park Ice and Sports Complex , and Rancho Cucamonga Sports Center -- all PEMB framework facilities.

Pre-engineered metal and steel buildings can offer significant savings over traditional framing techniques--both in cost and schedule. In typical fire stations, results have shown material cost savings of approximately 15 percent and schedule reductions that cut delivery times by two months. The schedule savings also result in additional cost savings in labor, insurance, lease of temporary facilities and other such expenses.

The ability to construct wide open spans provides flexibility to accommodate various uses. Public agencies are finding PEMBs provide flexible, durable framework for apparatus bays, indoor sports facilities, community centers, and large equipment storage for corp yards.

Employing experienced teams--designers, construction managers, project engineers and contractors--is essential. Ensuring proper protocols are in place throughout all phases of development, from conceptual designs through construction and delivery, can maximize the cost and schedule savings realized utilizing PEMB framing techniques.
Great Park Ice and Sports Complex. Major steel framing is nearly complete on the 280,000 square-foot facility.
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