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 Conversation Sabbath 2019 i s 5 Months Away ! CS2019

Before congregational life shifts into a lower gear for the summer, check to see that Conversation Sabbath is on the calendar for the fall. Committing to a date to preach or teach about having The Conversation is a positive first step towards insuring your congregants are prepared to engage in values-centered advance care planning.

For ideas and guidance on infusing planning ahead conversations in your faith community, click here.

Boston Sunday Review: Rev. Rosemary Lloyd

Listen to TCP Advisor to Faith Communities Rosemary Lloyd's radio conversation with Mat Schaffer on Boston's WBZ Sunday Morning Review earlier this month.


While it might not be a traditional Father's Day sermon topic, have you ever considered addressing how having The Conversation is a meaningful-and loving-gift to give? Read Palliative Care Doctor Ira Byock's   story about his request that his daughters complete their advance directives for Father's Day. 

And Fathers-in return-might consider writing a letter to their loved ones outlining their wishes for health care in the event that they become unable to speak for themselves. Here's an example of a letter from a mom to her family.

Have you written a letter to your loved ones that we can share as an example? We'll be collecting as many letters as we can and hope to share different examples with you as we receive them. If you're willing to have us share yours, please send it our way:
Dying Well

In April, the nine postgraduate schools of religion that comprise the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium sponsored a half-day conference. Presentations by hospice chaplains and religious scholars of various traditions framed interactive, small group conversations and presentations by Jethro Heiko (The Hello Game) and Rosemary Lloyd (The Conversation Project). Watch this short video--it's a testament to the power and value of helping clergy grow more comfortable with EOL conversations.
Resource Highlight

As students commence the next phase of life, graduations speakers aim to impart sage advice for the road ahead. In addition to the wisdom and inspiration some notable citizens include in their speeches, we recommend sharing why it's important for anyone over 18 to have The Conversation and assign a health care decision maker by completing a state-specific Health Care Proxy. Watch some of these commencement addresses linked below:

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 This guide is designed to help congregational leaders introduce The Conversation Project's mission and free resources in the communities they know and serve. It is filled with examples of how diverse faith communities are encouraging their congregants to engage in thoughtful reflection and have conversations about their end-of-life care wishes with loved ones and health care providers. Click here to download the Guide.

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