Nov. 18,

No. 84

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Weekly Readings

On Monday, Politburo member and Organization Department Zhao Leji published a lengthy article in the People's Daily endorsing the concept of Xi Jinping's core leadership and political thinking as a broader part of the outcomes of the Sixth Plenary session. Zhao's article is important, because he is almost certainly a future member of the standing committee and he leads the department that holds cadres' dossiers. If some of the stories emerging out of China  about Xi's moves generating resistance are true, then this article is a signal to the rest of the party about where yet another key institution stands in relation to Xi and the potential costs of opposition.

Policy Prahses in Xi Jinping's Speeches

sì xiàng yuán zé 
Meaning: the 4 principles [of internet governance]
Taking a break from chengyu, this week's phrase is a key policy term. This was first introduced in 2015, and Xi Jinping used them again when speaking to the internet conference in Wuzhen on November 16. The four principles are respecting internet sovereignty, maintaining peace and security, promoting open collaboration, and building good order (ie allowing for some freedom while respecting order). While these may sound fairly anodyne, they are loaded terms that bear thoughtful scrutiny. They are complemented by  五点主张 , but we will let you figure that one out yourself. There is a great diagram explaining this here.

Original:  在去年的大会上,我提出了全球互联网发展治理的"四项原则"、"五点主张",得到国际社会积极响应。

Video of the Week
The "One Belt, One Road [一带一路]" initiative is one of Xi Jinping's signature foreign policy initiatives. Although much of the Chinese activity already was occurring -- with a few exceptions like the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank -- the "One Belt, One Road" initiative places lots of different activity into a more coherent rubric. It would not be unreasonable to compare it to the U.S. pivot/rebalance to Asia in this respect. The value of such a framewo rk is to provide a steady set of objectives and approaches that China's enterpeneurs in the public and private sectors can use to guide their actions.

Bonus Video of the Week

This week's bonus feature is from last week (hey, its free and its a bonus, don't complain).  This is the "Focus Today" that followed Donald Trump's election. It presents the views of Chinese analysts, Yang Xiyu of the MFA-affiliated China Institute for International Studies and Yin Zhuo of CCTV, on how American politics led to his election and the resulting implications. This is a great language primer for those of you being asked to explain the Trump phenomenon in Chinese!

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