Academic Instruction & School Support (AISS) Team
Ernie Herrera
ESC Region 19
Science Consultant

CONTENT AREA: Secondary Sciences

FAVORITE SESSION: " I enjoy training the Science Stations session. Some of the models we use are moon phases, tectonic plates with chocolate milk, convection currents with cold/hot water and food coloring. Very messy but so much fun!"

SOMETHING YOU'RE WORKING ON THAT YOU'RE EXCITED ABOUT: "STEM! We're making connections with the community and local education agencies, By exposing our students to real world applications of Science, Technology Engineering and Math, we are ensuring that students have varied opportunities to explore different career options and be better prepared for post-secondary education."

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Ernie Herrera
(915) 780-5054
Monthly Inspiration
NAME : Regina J. Bustillos
SCHOOL : Anthony High School
INSPIRATION : Investing in our future makes dreams come true.
SUPERSTAR MOMENT Maya Angelou wrote, "I come as one, but stand as 10,000." What makes teaching worthwhile is when my students can take apart a PBL and find a solution to it, when my students can be resourceful and find evidence to support their claims, when my students can speak two languages with confidence, when my students can spiral in their skills to real-world applications, and when my students can read to live and write to learn. It begins with a "hello" at the door and a "see you later" at the end. The passion for learning transferred from one student to another student to me helps us all 'stand as 10,000.' 

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Poem of the Month
This month, Christina Rossetti takes up on an up-hill travel. Written in the mid 1800's, Rossetti knew of up-hill struggles. How did she cope with it? What did she say about the power of continuing the trek. Read the entire piece here !

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STEM Highlights
Our STEM team Pat Juarez, Veronica Hernandez and Jeff Strom had a great time supporting STEM activities across the ESC Region 19 area! Supporting Reyes Elementary STEM Expo, San Elizario STEM TANK and Externship Grant #WeR19! We look forward to 2020!
STEM Teacher Startup Week
Back to Basics:
6th-8th Grade ELAR Institute
Back to Basics:
English I & English II Institute
GT 30 Hour Core:
Day 1-Nature and Needs of Gifted Learners

Day 2-Identification and Assessment of GT Students

Day 3-Models of Differentiated Instruction for Gifted Students

Day 4-Creative and Critical Thinking

Day 5-Engaging Gifted Students by Adding Depth and Complexity