Today is the 13th anniversary of my father's passing and two days shy of his 72nd birthday. At the time of his death I was Marketing Manager for a beer company with no understanding of or appreciation for products like Disability or Life insurance. For the last 5 years, as the Principal of Virden Benefits, LLC, I have been driven by a distinct appreciation for Disability, Life Insurance and other products that can be one's life vest when illness or injury strikes.

My father's Disability Insurance and Life Insurance were supremely helpful in his final days and after he passed. Often, decisions about insurance are shuffled to the bottom of the priorities list. Life can change in an instant due to Illness or Injury, thrusting individuals & families into financial turmoil. Affordable, practical products are available to help people navigate those challenging times. My father's experience is the core of the Virden Benefits' "Why" and the reason I am so fulfilled by the work I do.

If you are able and willing, raise a glass to David Virden Sr. today. He preferred red wine but any beverage will do. He left us too soon and I work everyday to make him proud.