Dear Friends in Christ,

Although Easter is now over, we still have two important Sunday feast days before ordinary time, as if anything is really ordinary anymore! This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. Yes, it seems we celebrate a doctrine of our faith. But in reality, we celebrate God as revealed to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So, it’s really a feast day of the most important person in our life, God! Friends, God is a person. God is not a subject, a concept, a myth, or a doctrine. God is real and does not wish to be understood as a concept as much as to be known to us, just as we know our family and friends. God is revealed to us in ways that we, simple and fallen human creatures, can enter into relationship with Him. As Father, God loves, cares, and protects us. The Father offers us security so our lives can grow and mature. As Son, the divine person of Jesus took on human nature to share in our lives; all aspects of our lives but sin, to show us that God has not excluded Himself from the human condition, especially suffering. And in suffering and sacrifice, Jesus shows us what real love is all about: salvation and eternal life. Then, as Spirit, God’s divine power and grace are given to us a gift to dwell in us, so that as God is within us, so we are in God. It is the Spirit that reveals to us all things, but especially love and truth.

You know, the Holy Trinity is often seen as an “Irish” tradition. It was St. Patrick who famously taught about the Trinity using the three leaves of a shamrock on one vine to indicate one God as Father, Son, and Spirit. But, again, God is not a doctrine. God is not a subject to be learned. God is a person to know. Sadly, for a number of complicated reasons, many of the Irish no longer know God as a loving Father, Son, and Spirit. God has been left behind for all things secular and even pagan. A country that once sent missionaries around the world now has missionaries coming to Ireland to once again introduce the Christian faith; to introduce God who desires to be known by all. Many have forgotten that God is a real person who can be known and loved.

As we make the daily sign of the cross as a familiar and fundamental prayer, let’s never forget that when doing so, we invoke the three persons of the Trinity. We draw close to God when we pray in that way. Let’s endeavor to never lose sight of God who loves us and desires to know us deeply and intimately as a Father, a Son, and a Holy Spirit.

Fr. David Mulholland
The governor’s May 27th announcement allowing public Masses to resume, with restrictions, is “truly good news,” Archbishop Paul D. Etienne said in a May 29th video message to Western Washington Catholics. Click the play button below to hear the Bishop's message, then take our survey about mass attendance so that we can prepare for public masses in the parishes of St. Patrick, Holy Cross and St. Rita of Cascia.
Join us for one of our upcoming livestreamed Masses. Subscribe on YouTube then set reminders to tune in to the scheduled livestream. Check-in on Facebook when you attend Mass so we can be together virtually as a faith community. Remember, our church is not empty— our church is deployed!
We're praying the rosary via Zoom every Friday at 4 PM. Email Kim Ward for log-in details.
Last weekend our community of St. Patrick, Holy Cross and St. Rita of Cascia came together to collect much needed items for Nativity House. The continuous line of donations that came in kept us making deliveries to Nativity House. While delivering the donations we heard many words of thanks from volunteers and Nativity House residents as well. In four hours we were able to collect more water than they had received in three months. Thank you to the Knights of Columbus Tacoma Council 809 and all our wonderful donors. 

If you would like to make a financial donation to Nativity House click here
Bishop Mueggenborg explains why Catholics should sign Referendum 90 petitions and reject the new Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSHE) law.

To watch the video

For a list of petition-signing locations

Additional R-90 info is available on the WSCC website 
Have you ever wanted to see the hands, faces, and places of the Annual Catholic Appeal in Western Washington? Our parishes support many ministries and services throughout the Archdiocese– made possible by you! Watch the video now.
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Your donation to the Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) supports the mission of the Catholic Church in western Washington by funding Catholic social ministries, programs for youth and young adult ministries, Catholic Schools, faith programs, and the Inclusion ministry plus administrative support for 169 parishes and missions, such as liturgy guidance, evangelization, human resources, and much more.

This year, 10% of the funds collected from the ACA, INCLUDING our parish rebates, will be placed into a special Parish Solidarity Fund. Through this special tithe, your donations to the ACA will help our parishes continue our core mission of Word, Sacrament, and Charity. Typically proceeds exceeding the parish assigned goal are returned to the parish through a rebate to use for a needed parish project. This year, like all things, is a little different. If we exceed our parish goals and earn a rebate, our intent, as a show of camaraderie and fellowship with the 169 parishes and missions of the diocese, is to donate our rebate directly to Archbishop Etienne’s Parish Solidarity Fund, that will, in turn, use those funds to help parishes most severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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