Coronavirus and the Gaming Industry

The Innovation Group (TIG) has been following the novel coronavirus closely since it entered the global stage prominently in mid-January. The travel and leisure industries are always affected in the earliest stages of global socio-economic crises; travel is among the first areas constrained by individuals, businesses, and governments. The need and desire to gauge the potential impacts of the virus on these sectors is ubiquitous, yet the information available to study its effects remains very limited. This is complicated further by the near daily evolution of information and the situation. To this end, our latest report provides historical context around the impacts of other major events on the gaming and hospitality space, and consideration of how the coronavirus could manifest in today's gaming environment. While we don't want to understate the potential impacts of this outbreak, we are nonetheless encouraged by several bits of favorable data uncovered in our review. Though mitigating the impact of reduced visitation may be difficult, we also share our thoughts on questions operators should be asking today in order to best prepare.
The Innovation Group will continue to monitor developments over the weeks and months ahead, in consultation with operators and analysts.  Read the full report here.
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