September 23, 2011

The Cost Of Living    

The economy is in the tank. Unemployment is at an all-time high. Those with money are scared to spend it and those without, well...they do without. Two-and-a-half wars continue to drain the nation's coffers while the bloodshed increases. Summer is over. Winter is coming. Want to hear the good news? Backwoodz Studioz has a free record for you, aptly titled The Cost Of Living. With albums from billy woods, Elucid, Willie Green & Pastense on the horizon but still awaiting release dates, we figured our fans could use something to hold them over. Fifteen tracks featuring our artists; Willie Green, Vordul Mega, billy woods, A.M. Breakups, Elucid,  Marmaduke, Bond, Pastense & HiCoup. They are joined by friends and family like Open Mike Eagle, Junclassic, Nasa, Man Mantis, Eleven, Teddy Faley, Cavalier, Megabusive and L'Wren.


The Cost Of Living  

Backwoodz Studioz presents The Cost Of Living 

from one of the following links... 

  1. Loopholes (produced by Nasa)
  2. Demolition (produced by A.M. Breakups, featuring Elucid)
  3. Blue Dream (produced by Man Mantis, featuring billy woods & L'wren)
  4. The Knock (produced by Willie Green, featuring Megabusive, PremRock & Open Mike Eagle)
  5. Six Flags (produced by A.M. Breakups, featuring billy woods)
  6. Stingray (produced by Willie Green, featuring Junclassic)
  7. Gladhanding (produced by Marmaduke)
  8. Shilling (produced by Marmaduke, featuring billy woods)
  9. Excuse Me (produced by A.M. Breakups, featuring MC Eleven & Teddy Faley)
  10. Elevator Music (produced by Willie Green, featuring Cavalier)
  11. Antz (produced by Junclassic, featuring Vordul Mega, Junclassic & billy woods)
  12. Bank Of America (produced by Marmaduke, featuring Elucid & billy woods)
  13. Help Me (produced by Willie Green, featuring Pastense & HiCoup)
  14. Pig Iron (produced by BOND, featuring billy woods) 
  15. No Invitations (produced by A.M. Breakups, featuring Elucid)


The next couple months should see the release of History Will Absolve Me, billy woods new solo album. Production is handled by primarily by Willie Green, Marmaduke and A.M. Breakups, with Essex Dogs, Nasa & Dig-Dug each contributing. Roc Marciano, Elucid, Masai Bey & Marq Spekt all join woods on the mic for his first solo release in more than six years. The limited edition physical copies of the album will come with a lyric book and an additional track featuring a NEWcan't-miss collaboration between Vordul Mega and billy, produced by Lex Boogie from the Bronx.


Willie Green International Tour 

 In other, and more immediate news, Willie Green is going on an international tour this month. No, it's not for a Backwoodz thing, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't catch him on the road. His live beatmaking has to be seen to be believed and his new self-titled album with PremRock is a dope listen, through and through. The east coast leg of the tour is as follows, and we will get you the dates for Europe soon.


The east coast leg of the tour is as follows:


9/24 evening at Acoustic Cafe in Bridgeport The Triumphant return of ETC

w/Coole High, Phenetiks, Workforce, Tha Blaqout Cru


9/25 No 9 Ale House Malden MA

w/ Grey Sky Appeal, Ordeal 


9/26 Freestyle Mondays @ Bar 13


9/27 Manhattanville College NY Benziger Pub


9/28 Cameo Lounge Brooklyn NY

PremRock & Willie Green's album release show


9/29 Artemis Event Center Franklin NH

w/ eyenine and MC Nobody Cares


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