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This latest edition of the Leadership Compass features an abundance of leading edge content including some powerful insights from guest contributor and highly acclaimed author and speaker, Kathy McAfee. Please be sure to check-out her featured article, The Cost of Multitasking as it applies to leaders and teams everywhere.

Thank you for your commitment to leadership excellence and best wishes for continued success in every leadership role you play.  

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Featured Article:  The Cost of Multitasking
In today’s modern society of high-tech gadgets and high-pressure demands from work, we have trained ourselves to be multitasking machines. Many of us consider our ability to multitask to be a skill worthy of listing on our resume. We like to brag to others about our superior ability to do many things at once.

Awkward Situation on a Webinar
Yesterday I was reminded of how multitasking can get us into trouble. I was facilitating a webinar for a client on negotiation skills. We did our tech-check, I forwarded all of my calls, muted my mobile, shut down all other computer applications, and cleared my desk. I wanted to be ...
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David O'Brien to Present Creating a Culture of Accountability
at Chicago Conference
David will be a featured speaker at the Association of Legal Administrators regional conference in Chicago, IL on September 14, 2018 at the Palmer House Hotel. His presentation titled, Creating a Culture of Accountability, A leader’s guide for optimizing team engagement and impact examines a 4-phase accountability continuum that significantly increases employee engagement. The program also provides participants with the opportunity to objectively assess their current capacity to demonstrate an accountability mindset. To learn more, please visit the ALA website.
David O'Brien to Present Deliberate Leadership in a Distracted World at local Business Breakfast
David will deliver his high impact, Deliberate Leadership in a Distracted World keynote address as part the CT Business Networking Breakfast on September 20, 2018 at Touchpoints of Bloomfield, 140 Park Avenue, Bloomfield, CT. The 7:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. program is free and open to the public but registration is recommended. Learn more or register here , or visit the Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce .
David O’Brien is Pleased to Announce the WorkChoice Solutions Core Capabilities Profile
As WorkChoice Solutions enters its 19 th year of helping organizations maximize their leadership and employee potential, Founder and President, David O’Brien is pleased to share a new and expanded profile of our Core Capabilities. From development training and coaching to succession planning and corporate retreats, learn why WorkChoice Solutions is a trusted organizational development partner to so many organizations. View or download the Core Capabilities profile .
Featured Workshop:
Creating a Culture of Accountability
At every level of every organization, projects begin, tasks are assigned, efforts are made and deadlines are met - or missed. Directions are given but not always understood. Deliverables are promised but not always delivered and agreements are made but not always followed. It’s not really any one person’s fault, it’s just part of how people fail to communicate in a specific and deliberate manner about the tasks they assign or accept.
The Creating a Culture of Accountability program provides a systematic way to overcome these common barriers by focusing on a 4-phase accountability continuum which includes; Role Clarity, Purpose, Ownership and Behavior. When linked to mutual understanding, this cycle allows employees at all levels to make significant progress with moving tasks forward to achieve a higher level of job impact, job satisfaction and organizational success. Additionally, the workshop includes a range of group brainstorm activities which are designed to enhance immediate skill application opportunities.

The content and activities in this program help leaders to develop skills that foster an acceptance of responsibility, build self-empowerment and create a deeper personal leadership mindset that enhances team engagement and impact.  

Leadership Thought To Consider
Thought To Consider

"Your value is not just what you know, but also what you share.” Ginny Rometty, CEO, IBM

Leadership Suggestion : Consider what this quote means in your world of work and in your role as a leader. Also try to uncover the leadership opportunity that it presents. 
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