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FLIBS 2020
For 31 years, we have exhibited at FLIBS, but during this unprecedented time, we will not have a booth. Our sales team will attend the show to meet with our valued customers.

If you would like to schedule a meeting, please email us:
Wow, Metal Shark!
Metal Shark debuts new catamaran with composite decks by Teakdecking Systems.

Learn from the Decking Experts
Dedicated to educating customers about important decking topics such as the cost of teak, calculating caulk yield, inspecting decks, and more, Teakdecking Systems is publishing information on a website blog. Two of our recent popular articles are here...
Multiple factors affect teak deck costs, including materials and installation. Here we address the cost of yacht-quality teak, providing information only for the highest quality, vertical grain teak for yacht-building applications. So that removes nearly all the worldwide teak supply from this write-up. The cost information we provide is for 10-15% of teak that is cut by specialty sawmills and legally-sourced in the country of Myanmar. We are not addressing lower quality plantation teak from other countries.

Teak is a product that has various units of measure around the world. In the United States, most lumber buyers use the measurement unit of board foot. What, exactly, is a board foot? 

What is the Caulk Yield for Teak Deck Caulking?
"How many cartridges of caulking should I buy?
This question about our high-performance SIS 440 Teak Deck Caulking is our most common. The answer: Caulk yield is dependent upon seam depth and width, as well as user technique and the package size.

Enter your seam width and depth to calculate the number of cartridges for foil packs ("sausages") needed. Image of the calculator:
Charts in feet and meters are available too. Here is an example:

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