The Countdown Continues!
The school year has begun here. We have packed the lunches with care, hugged our kids tight and watched them embark on another year of growth and learning. It is true what they say about how fast time goes. We can't believe we almost have a teenager!

We hope everybody is off to a great start. We can't wait to see what this year has in store.

~ Miranda and Baptiste
Only 5 short weeks until Mia Moves Out hits the shelves!
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... and speaking of countdowns...
The Nine Months Countdown Continues...
Foundational Development

7 weeks along, and 33 weeks to go!
Our Book Baby is
Due April 23, 2019.

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A Note From Miranda:

Whenever I write a book, the majority of my work is rewriting. This certainly was the case with  Nine Months . Some facts, like how embryos have a tail at first (which later becomes our tailbone), would be fascinating to kids and a strong choice to leave in the manuscript. But words thrown in to make a rhyme work, the ones that didn’t roll off the tongue easily had to go. Just as nature decides that we weren’t destined to keep our tails, I made the choice to shape and remake many lines. Above all, I wanted the last line in most or all stanzas to be something that described what was happening both inside the womb and within the family preparing for the baby. I'm really glad I made that choice; it's inspired some pretty awesome art and an emotional arc for all of the beta readers so far!


Above is an early draft filled with edits and below is a peek at a final spread, can you spot the differences?
In the final book, words have been changed or shifted so they flow better, and to avoid unnecessary repetition.
A Note From Jason:
Here is a final piece of art for Nine Months, and three sketches that lead up to it. This image is from early in the pregnancy, and the parents haven’t told their daughter that she’s going to be a big sister yet. The original idea was to have the parents on a couch looking at each other knowingly, while the daughter played with their dogs (1). I did a second which I liked quite a bit, because of the light coming through the window (2). But the “knowing look” didn’t read so well, and after re-reading Miranda’s text I went with a different idea entirely. The text for this page is “our story begins,” and this gave me the idea to show the family reading together (3). Moving the scene from the living room to the little girl’s room, allowed me to add more details to help define her character, such as the paper snowflakes, solar system mobile and pictures on the walls.
THIS was a VERY special moment for us! Wisconsin Public Television recently interviewed us for their Great American Read summer series. AND they revealed that we are the first children's authors in the state to be interviewed -- a trend that I hope continues! What an incredible honor!
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Astounding News!
I Am Farmer has been selected as a  Junior Library Guild  title for spring 2019.

Pre-order is now available at many outlets where fine books are sold.

I Am Farmer Officially releases on Feb 5, 2019.
Pssst - Find a national opportunity for 4th graders HERE !
School Visits with An Open Book Foundation
September 11-13
Washington, DC area

September 21 - September 23
Green Lake Conference Center, W2511 State Rd. 2 
Green Lake, WI 

* MLA Children’s Luncheon
Miranda will be a Keynote Speaker
October 11
Columbia, MO

Sheboygan Children's Book Festival
October 12-14
Sheboygan, WI

October 16 - October 17 
Pewaukee, WI 53072