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Next Level Strategies is proud to present the Covid-19 Guide for Employers. We've worked on this project for about six weeks, it's gone through attorney review, and is ready for release. We've seen a lot of toolkits, guides and other helpful material being offered to employers, but we haven't seen anything this comprehensive.
We incorporated everything we could think of to help you manage Covid-related situations. It contains more than 50 pages of information, with live links to support materials, and includes: 
  • Visual aids to help define employee and employer Covid-related benefits; 
  • Decision tree for time-off related decision making;
  • Safety protocol section;
  • Return to work checklist with paperwork requirements;
  • All the Covid-related policies you need to distribute to employees and include in your handbook;
  • A section for top to bottom emergency paid sick leave and emergency family and medical leave management; 
  • Temperature check and medical disclosure authorizations;
  • A correspondence section. 
The correspondence section is the one we think you'll really benefit from as it includes written responses which you can cut and paste to employees to address a wide variety of situations.
1. An employee is sick but hasn't been tested? Cut and paste the email we've created for you to send to them.
2. An employee tests positive? Cut and paste the email to them and a second one to their co-workers. 
3. Recalling? Furloughing again? Someone requests emergency family and medical leave? Cut and paste the response letter in your guide. 
There are two ways you can purchase this helpful resource. You can customize your own book for $1500 or have us customize it and walk you through the guide for $1900. 
Email or your favorite NLS consultant to order.

Be well!

Julie, Taune, Joy, Katie, Alexis and Cecilia