ISSUE 12 - AUGUST 2, 2018
An Update on American Diplomacy To Advance our National Security Strategy
Testimony:  Michael R. Pompeo
Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Washington, DC
July 25, 2018

Secretary Pompeo Testifies on American Diplomacy to Advance our National Security Strategy
Secretary Pompeo Testifies on American Diplomacy to Advance our National Security Strategy

SECRETARY POMPEO:  Good afternoon, Chairman Corker, Ranking Member Menendez, and distinguished members. Thank you for the opportunity to be with you today.

During my confirmation hearing you asked me to work on a host of world problems, and for 12 weeks I've been doing just that. I hope we'll get a chance to talk about each of those today. For the last few weeks I've been engaged in three areas of particular interest to this committee: North Korea, NATO, and Russia.
On the subject of Russia, I want to bring something to your attention right off the bat today. Today, the Trump administration is releasing what we're calling the Crimea Declaration. I won't read the whole thing. I will submit it for the record. It's been publicly released as well. But one part reads as follows: "The United States calls on Russia to respect the principles to which it has long claimed to adhere and to end its occupation of Crimea." End of quote.
I want to assure this committee that the United States does not and will not recognize the Kremlin's purported annexation of Crimea. We stand together with allies, partners, and the international community in our commitment to Ukraine and its territorial integrity. There will be no relief of Crimea-related sanctions until Russia returns control of the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine. This Crimea Declaration formalizes United States policy of nonrecognition.
There's another indicator of diplomatic progress I want to mention. This morning, Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was imprisoned in Turkey for nearly two years, has been let out of jail at Buca. He's still under house arrest, so our work is not done, but it's welcome progress - one that many of you have been engaged in and something the State Department has been working on diligently as well. We will continue to work for the speedy return of all Americans unjustly held captive abroad. President Trump will never forget about our own.
Our diplomacy on these issues is advancing the goals of President Trump's National Security Strategy, which laid down guiding principles for American foreign policy in December. In late April, I started executing on the strategy as Secretary of State. And today, on July 1st - excuse me, today here we are, and I want to present you some progress.
The National Security Strategy established "Protecting the American People, the Homeland, and the American Way of Life" as the pillars of our national security. On July 17th, President Trump stated his firm conviction that "diplomacy and engagement are preferable to conflict and hostility." These principles have guided our actions on North Korea. President Trump's diplomacy de-escalated a situation in which the prospect for conflict was rising daily. Americans are safer because of his actions ....  CLICK to read more 


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How Western Anticorruption Policy Is Failing Ukraine
It Should Focus on Institutions, Not Individuals

Ukraine is a pivotal country on the frontline of an aggressive Russian state. Its success in countering Russia is a crucial part of the West's effort to contain and push back against President Vladimir Putin. But as a country under constant Russian pressure, Ukraine can benefit from a more comprehensive reform approach. More specifically, it needs a pragmatic anticorruption and reform policy, carefully designed to enable Ukraine to progress without reinforcing Russian efforts to undermine the state and create instability ...    CLICK to read more 

The spirit of reform lives on in Ukraine - but not because of the president

What Ukraine's Anticorruption Warriors Forget, And Why It May Weaken the State 
By Adrian Karatnycky and Alexander J. Motyl, Atlantic Council, June 26, 2018

Daria Kaleniuk's rejoinder  to our Foreign Affairs article, "How Western Anticorruption Policy Is Failing Ukraine," misses our main point. 

We asserted that Western anticorruption policy was failing because it had been improperly sequenced, especially with regard to judicial reform. Kaleniuk indirectly admits this by pointing to the urgent need to create an anticorruption court three years after other anticorruption prosecutorial and investigative agencies were launched. The facts are that pressure and a focus on reforming existing courts was not a top priority for the West. Clear targets were not set nor were they met with the same alacrity as those set for investigative and procuratorial anticorruption structures.

She points to over 135 cases brought by the Special Anticorruption Prosecutor and the National Anticorruption Bureau. But these agencies have managed only one conviction in three years.  Such a weak record ... 

CLICK to read more


Why Is Ukraine Giving Fugitive Oligarch Dmytro Firtash a $1 Billion Windfall?
By Oleksandr Kharchenko, Atlantic Council, July 26, 2018

Editor's note: On July 27, it was announced that implementation of the gas transportation system code has been delayed until October 1. The problems that Kharchenko outlines below with the new code still apply.
Christmas comes early this year for Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash. On August 1, the tycoon may pocket about $1 billion through a new change to the gas transportation system code (GTS Code). It sounds arcane, but Ukraine's elites need to act fast to avoid awarding a giant windfall to an oligarch with ties to the Kremlin.

The change in code was meant to bring the Ukrainian gas transportation system closer to European management standards ones.

Instead, the influence of the oligarch, who has been under house arrest in Vienna, Austria, since 2014 at the request of the United States, has proved to be stronger than the efforts of reformers. Using his political influence and corrupt ties  ....    CLICK to read more  

How to Make Disappointed Ukrainians Believe Again
By Elena Tribushnaya, Atlantic Council, July 26, 2018 

This month, the Ukrainian magazine  Novoye Vremya interviewed fifty experts to assess President Petro Poroshenko's achievements after four years. The result was a score of just six out of twelve. 

Poroshenko got high scores for the approval of visa-free travel between Ukraine and the European Union; a foreign policy that provided Ukraine with allies and Western support during a difficult time; and the fact that Ukraine managed to survive despite war and economic hardship during his presidency.

But his greatest failures, as outlined by the magazine, are Ukraine's anticorruption campaign, judicial reform, and political deadlock. Instead of real changes in all three fields, there is only the pretense of reform ... CLICK  for more 

Graham, Menendez, Gardner, Cardin, McCain, Shaheen Introduce Hard-Hitting Russia Sanctions Package
WASHINGTON, DC, August 2, 2018 - U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Cory Gardner (R-CO), Ben Cardin (D-MD), John McCain (R-AZ) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) introduced the Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act of 2018, comprehensive legislation that will increase economic, political, and diplomatic pressure on the Russian Federation in response to Russia's continued interference in our elections, malign influence in Syria, aggression in Crimea, and other activities.
"The current sanctions regime has failed to deter Russia from meddling in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections," said Senator Graham. "Our goal is to change the status quo and impose crushing sanctions and other measures against Putin's Russia until he ceases and desists meddling in the US electoral process, halts cyber-attacks on US infrastructure, removes Russia from Ukraine, and ceases efforts to create chaos in Syria. The sanctions and other measures contained in this bill are the most hard-hitting ever imposed - and a direct result of Putin's continued desire to undermine American democracy. I strongly believe that DNI Coats' assessment - that the warning lights are blinking red when it comes to Russian meddling in the 2018 election - is accurate. These sanctions and other measures are designed to respond in the strongest possible fashion."
"Vladimir Putin continues to pose a growing threat to our country and allies. While Congress overwhelmingly passed a strong set of countermeasures last year, unfortunately, the Administration has not fully complied with that legislation. This bill is the next step in tightening the screws on the Kremlin and will bring to bear the full condemnation of the United States Congress so that Putin finally understands that the U.S. will not tolerate his behavior any longer," said Senator Menendez. "The Kremlin continues to attack our democracy, support a war criminal in Syria and violate Ukraine's sovereignty. With the passage of this legislation, Congress will once again act to establish a clear U.S. policy to hold Russia accountable with one clear message:  Kremlin aggression will be met with consequences that will shake Putin's regime to its foundation."
"The United States must continue to take strong actions against Vladimir Putin's Russia for their global violations of international law and repeated attempts to undermine U.S. democratic institutions," said Senator Gardner. "I fully support this bipartisan measure that will impose further economic sanctions against the Kremlin and also includes my language requiring the State Department to determine whether Russia merits the designation of a State Sponsor of Terror, along with Kremlin allies Iran and Syria that are already designated.  Unless Russia fundamentally changes its behavior, we must not repeat the mistakes of past Administrations of trying to normalize relations with a nation that continues to pose a serious threat to the United States and our allies."
"It is once again up to Congress to strengthen America's resolve against Vladimir Putin's pattern of corroding democratic institutions and values around the world, a direct and growing threat to U.S. national security," said Senator Cardin, a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and one of the co-authors and lead negotiators of the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). "Importantly, a number of the recommendations from the report on Russian interference I commissioned six months ago are included in this legislation. I'm pleased to partner with my bipartisan colleagues to build on CAATSA and further protect ourselves and our allies from a Kremlin that shows no sign of abiding by or respecting international norms."
"For nearly two years, our nation's top intelligence officials have repeatedly warned that the Kremlin is continuing its efforts to target our elections and sow chaos among our citizens," said Senator McCain. "Until Putin pays a serious price for his actions, these attacks on our democracy will only grow. This bill would build on the strongest sanctions ever imposed on the Putin regime for its assault on democratic institutions, violation of international treaties, and siege on open societies through cyberattacks and misinformation campaigns. Moreover, this legislation would modernize our diplomatic tools and secure our critical infrastructure to better deter and defend against Putin's aggression. We must confront this challenge - not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans. Because ultimately, Putin's true aim is to undermine all of us - our country, our freedom, and all that America stands for."
"We must stand arm-in-arm with our allies against the Kremlin's hybrid attacks on the U.S. and democracies across the world," said Senator Shaheen. "This bipartisan legislation sends a strong message of unity and deterrence against the Kremlin, while closing security gaps that leave our nation and its citizens vulnerable. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate to advance this bill and harden our defenses against malign foreign influence."
Key elements of the legislation include:
  • A strong statement of support for NATO and a requirement for two-thirds of the United States Senate to vote to leave NATO
  • Provisions expediting the transfer of excess defense articles to NATO countries to reduce some NATO countries' dependence on Russian military equipment.
  • The establishment of an Office of Cyberspace and the Digital Economy within the Department of State.  This office will lead diplomatic efforts relating to international cybersecurity, Internet access, Internet freedom, the digital economy, cybercrime, deterrence and responses to cyber threats.
  • Provisions aimed to pressure the Russian government to halt its obstruction of international efforts to investigate chemical weapons attacks as well as punish the Russian government for chemical weapons production and use.
  • Making interfering in our elections a ground of inadmissibility under immigration law
  • The International Cybercrime Prevention Act which would give prosecutors the ability to shut down botnets and other digital infrastructure that can be used for a wide range of illegal activity; create a new criminal violation for individuals who have knowingly targeted critical infrastructure, including dams, power plants, hospitals, and election infrastructure; and prohibit cybercriminals from selling access to botnets to carry out cyber-attacks
  • The Defending the Integrity of Voting Systems Act which would allow the Department of Justice to pursue federal charges for the hacking of any voting system that is used in a federal election
  • New sanctions on political figures, oligarchs, and family members and other persons that facilitate illicit and corrupt activities, directly or indirectly, on behalf of Vladimir Putin
  • Sanction on transactions related to investment in energy projects supported by Russia state-owned or parastatal entities
  • A prohibition on and sanctions with respect to transactions relating to new sovereign debt of the Russian Federation
  • Sectoral sanctions on any person in the Russian Federation that has the capacity or ability to support or facilitate malicious cyber activities
  • A requirement for the Secretary of State to submit a determination of whether the Russian Federation meets the criteria for designation as a state sponsor of terrorism.
  • A prohibition on licenses for United States persons to engage in activities relating to certain projects to produce oil in the Russian Federation
  • A requirement for domestic title insurance companies to report information on the beneficial owners of entities that purchase residential real estate in high-value transactions
  • An extension on the cap of Russian uranium imports
  • Reinforcement for the State Department  Office of Sanctions Coordination
  • A report on the net worth and assets of Vladimir Putin
  • The creation of a National Fusion Center to Respond to Hybrid Threats.  The aim of this center is to better prepare and respond to Russian disinformation and other emerging threats emanating from the Russian Federation.
  • A reauthorization of the Countering Russia Influence Fund 

Congress and the Holodomor
By Orest Deychakiwsky, The Ukrainian Weekly, July 20, 2018   

This year marks the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor, Stalin's genocidal Famine that claimed the lives of millions of Ukrainian men, women and children. This atrocity stands out as one of the starkest examples in history of man's inhumanity to man.
Earlier this year, Senate Ukraine Caucus Co-chair Rob Portman (R-Ohio) introduced a resolution (S. Res. 435) solemnly commemorating the 1932-1933 Holodomor. A similar House of Representatives resolution (H. Res. 931) has been introduced by House Ukraine Caucus Co-chair Sander Levin (D-Mich.). 
Both resolutions have garnered more than 20 co-sponsors to date, and both deserve the strong support of the Ukrainian American community. 
The U.S. Congress has had a remarkable track record over the decades in recognizing the Holodomor. American legislators, spurred by an active Ukrainian American community, were paying attention even though it was not only being ignored, but outright denied by the Soviets and their minions in the West. 
Initial Congressional efforts harken back to a resolution introduced ... CLICK to read more
Note:  Orest Deychakiwsky is a member of USUF's Board of Directors. 


Lviv is Launching a Biotech Cluster

The City of Lviv has begun the process of creating a Biotechnology Cluster to foster collaboration between researchers, universities, business and the local community in this dynamic and promising field.  Iryna Bukhnii, coordinator of the cluster, explains that the initiative was announced during a May 2018   Innovation Spring  forum at the  Tech Startup School in Lviv and is seen as critical to producing economic opportunities for a new generation of Ukrainians.
"The Biotechnology Cluster is a joint project which will bring together the business and university communities and the city.  We want to concentrate scientific innovation in the city so that people can work here," stated Andriy Moskalenko, the deputy mayor of Lviv, as quoted by the  city council press office.
The city is already recognized as an important IT center and is home to the  Lviv IT Cluster. Organizers of the Lviv Biotechnology Cluster believe that their initiative will continue to boost the city's image as a center of innovation and will provide new opportunities for advanced biotech research, sharing of resources and know-how, and the creation of biotechnology-related startups.
Ms. Bukhnii says that the cluster is currently establishing a database of biotechnology stakeholders and assets in Lviv and will soon be launching an online platform to share information.  She looks forward to cooperating with the U.S.-Ukrainian Foundation's  Biotechnology Initiative, which seeks to promote the development of the biotech sector in Ukraine, particularly through engagement with research and business counterparts in the United States.
Photo at top of page:  Participants of the Innovation Spring forum held in May at the Tech Startup School in Lviv. The creation of a Lviv Biotechnology Cluster was announced during the event.  (Photo Credit: Lviv City Council Press Office).



A team of researchers from the Michigan State University is using cyanobacteria to develop bioplastics that "are derived from biological sources" and "hold the promise of being more biocompatible and potentially degrading in natural environments," said Danny Ducat, an assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the university. The researchers hope their developed bioplastics could become alternatives to single-use plastic products, disposable silverware and takeout lunch plastic clamshell containers.
National Public Radio (7/18)   BIO.org's Industrial BIO Smart Brief 

Environmental Protection Agency acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler plans to continue pursuing the overhaul of the Renewable Fuel Standard initiated by former Administrator Scott Pruitt. During his term, Pruitt sought to overhaul the RFS through an agreement by oil and corn groups, which did not succeed.
Born2Invest (UK) (7/30)    BIO.org's Industrial BIO Smart Brief 

The US Department of Energy has a key project called Co-Optima, which aims to determine key fuel properties that enable improved engine efficiency, provide key science to enable high efficiency combustion modes, and capitalize on unique properties available from bio-blendstocks.  The Digest 

Odesa continues to present investment opportunities for foreign investors, regardless of the size of their budget.  According to an agent in Kyiv who brokers international mergers and acquisitions, container terminals, transportation hubs and warehouses are for sale throughout Ukraine's south-eastern Odessa region.  In one such example, a 50 percent equity stake in a large container terminal is currently up for sale to an international investor for USD $3.2 million.    From:  Ukraine Business Journal, UBJ.am  - Monday, July 16

Ukraine needs investors in the animal feed industry, government sources report. The government plans to attract more investment in this area as they move ahead with the privatisation of many leading producers. They are especially interested in investment from the United States and the European Union, according to recent statements from President Petro Poroshenko's office. At a recent conference in Washington DC, attended by American agro executives and senior officials from the Ukrainian government, a list was presented of 345 companies in the sector that could soon be subject to privatisation. 50 of these businesses are leading producers of animal feed here in Ukraine.    From:  Ukraine Business Journal, UBJ.am  - Tuesday, July 24

Ukraine's finance ministry has launched an official page on Bloomberg. Acting finance minister Oksana Markarova announced the news during a working visit to the United Kingdom, the ministry's press service has said in a statement. "The page is a generally available resource for investors to learn about financial instruments offered by Ukraine, informing investors about Ukrainian sovereign financial instruments and to help expand the base of foreign investor security in Ukraine," the statement said.   Ukraine Business Journal, UBJ.am  - Tuesday, July 24

News from the Ukrainian-American Environmental Association ...


6930 Carroll Avenue, #340; Takoma Park, MD 20912 ...    301-270-6477 x.6
ua_ea@yahoo.com ...   http://usukr-env.org ...    Twitter: Follow @UAEnvAssn

Japanese Businesses Consider Possibility of Participating in Ukraine's Bioenergy Projects:  Ukrinform, July 16, 2018 


A 90-MW Solar Power Plant Will Be Built in the Dnipropetrovsk Region
Ukraine Industrial Portal, by Maxim Ovcharenko, 7/16/18


Ukraine Finds It Hard to Stop Wasting Its Energy - Since 2013 Ukraine Has Been the World's Energy Intensity Leader and Has Only Recently Begun to Take Measures to Improve Energy Efficiency:  
Kyiv Post, by Natalia Datskevych, July 13, 2018


A 2-MW Solar Power Plant Is Being Built in Khmelnytskyi on the Site of a Dilapidated Farm:

Ukraine Industrial Portal, by Maxim Ovcharenko, July 13, 2018

http://uprom.info/en/news/energy/na-hmelnichchin-na-territiyi-zruynovanoyi-fermi-pobuduyut-sonyachnu-elektrostantsiyu    and
https://ecotown.com.ua/news/Bilya-Kam-yanets-Podilskoho-pobuduyut-na-mistsi-zruynovanoyi-fermy-sonyachnu-stantsiyu-potuzhnistyu- (in Ukrainian)


On an Average Day, 20 Ukrainians Buy an Electric Car - Ukraine Now Rated Fifth in the World Among Countries Where the Use of Electric Cars Is Developing
UkrInform, July 13, 2018



In Three Years, Mikolayev Plans to Completely Transition to LED Lighting
Eco Town, July 13, 2018

https://ecotown.com.ua/news/efektyvne-spozhyvannya/enerhozberezhennya  (in Ukrainian)


Twelve Companies from 11 Countries Have Submitted Bids for the Construction of a €35 Million Waste Recycling Plant in Lviv - Funded by EBRD, the Project Will Have a Capacity of 240,000 tons of Garbage per Year
Open for Business, July 12, 2018

https://open4business.com.ua/twelve-companies-from-germany-poland-france-greece-austria-israel-and-other-countries-bid-for-construction-of-waste-recycling-plant-in-lviv  and http://www.ukrainianjournal.com/index.php?w=article&id=27592

Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers Approves Draft Law on Financing the Danube Transnational Program to Implement Energy Efficiency, Ecological Measures and Effective Governance
Ukraine Business Journal, July12, 2018



Ukraine Mulls Road Map for Issuing Green Bonds to Help Increase the Use of Clean Energy by More Than Two-Fold - Goal Is to Have Green Energy Provide 25% of Total Primary Energy Supply by 2035:  
Xinhua, July 11, 2018  
http://powerlinks.news/article/83a7ee/ukraine-mulls-issuing-green-bonds?query=Ukraine  and
https://www.kmu.gov.ua/en/news/derzhenergoefektivnosti-iz-partnerami-pracyuvatime-nad-dorozhnoyu-kartoyu-zapusku-rinku-zelenih-obligacij-v-ukrayini  and  http://saee.gov.ua/uk/news/2468  (in Ukrainian)


"Green Caucus" to Help Members of Ukraine's Parliament Draft Better Energy and Environmental Laws:

United Nations Development Program, July 11, 2018


In Kharkiv, Reconstruction of Sewage Treatment Facilities Is About to Begin; They Will Eventually Produce Electricity from Biogas:
Ukraine Industrial Portal, by Maxim Ovcharenko, July 11, 2018


Ukraine's Power Sector Is Set for a Major Transition - Events Are Now Driving a Change Away from Coal and Nuclear and Full-Speed Towards Renewables:   
EnergyPost, by Oleg Savitsky, July 10, 2018
https://cleantechnica.com/2018/07/10/ep-ukraines-power-sector-is-set-for-a-major-transition   and


Ukraine's Overall Investment for Clean Energy in the First Half of 2018 Is Up 12-fold to $1.4 Billion:

Solar Industry Magazine,  July 10, 2018



An American Company and a Lithuanian Company Plan to Build Two Wind Power Plants with Installed Capacities of 120 and 72 MW in the Odesa Region, for a Total Investment of $317 Million
Interfax, July 10, 2018

https://en.interfax.com.ua/news/economic/516794.html   and


Danish Company Better Energy A/S and NEFCO Have Signed a Loan Agreement for the First Phase of Construction of a 19-MW Solar Park in Zhytomir - Total Project Investment Is €6.6 Million
PowerLinks.com, July 9, 2018


On July 23, a New Law Governing Energy Efficiency of Buildings Goes Into Effect in UkraineEco Town, July 6, 2018

MadeinUkaineTechStartupEdition  is a monthly podcast series produced and hosted by Mike Buryk, a member of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation's Board of Advisors, a long-time Foundation supporter and business development advisor.    Start listening today ... go to  https://soundcloud.com/ukrainetech/ .

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To indicate your interest in joining a Certified Trade Mission to Ukraine, October 29-30, 2018, write immediately to Michael Datsenko, mdatsenko@usubc.org.
To indicate your interest in joining a Certified Trade Mission to Kazakhstan, October 25-26, 2018, write immediately to Sarah (Frese) Nickel, sfrese@uskzba.org


The New York Times Travel Show
January 25-27, 2019 at the Jacob K. Javits Center, NYC

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation Plans to Represent Ukraine, again!
USUF represented Ukraine at the 2017 & 2018 New York Times Travel Shows.
Join us in 2019!

The  2019 New York Times Travel Show will be one of the most successful international celebration of travel, food and culture ever!  Mark your calendars for the 2019  Travel Show, which will take place from January 25 - 27. 
Many of the past exhibitors and sponsors have already indicated they will be reserving their same space and more than 100 new organizations have expressed interest or already signed up to exhibit at the event.  The 2018   Show was one of the most-highly attended Travel Show ever.  The New York Times Travel Show, the largest of its kind in North America, is widely regarded as the "gateway show" for the world's travel destinations wishing to present to the U.S. market.

Note:  The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation welcomes inquiries from travel agencies, hotels, airlines, restaurants, conference centers, etc., for trade show representation. 

For more information:  Contact us! 
Email:  info@usukraine.org    Tel: 202-789-4467

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation has lost a special friend  ...

Tatiana Lydia Demchuk 
August 29, 1940 - July 26, 2018

Tatiana "Tania" Demchuk, 77, of Cary, NC, passed away on Thursday, July 26, 2018 at her residence. A native of Lviv, Ukraine, she was born on August 29, 1940 to the late Apollinaire and Tatiana Osadca. In addition to her parents, her husband of 40 years, Wolodymyr "Walter" Demchuk and her sister Ivanna "Tina" Osadca preceded her in death. 

A visitation, with a parastas service (prayer service), will be held Friday, August 3, 7:00-8:30PM at Brown Wynne Funeral Home, 200 SE Maynard Rd. Cary, NC.

A funeral mass will be held at 3:00 PM on Saturday, August 4, at St. Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Church at 2510 Piney Plains Rd. Cary, NC 27518. Father Mark Shuey will officiate. Burial will follow in Wake Memorial Park, Cary. Afterward the family will receive friends and loved ones at the home of Tatiana and David Guy, 203 Homestead Dr, Cary, NC 27513.

For those who wish, memorial contributions may be made to Special Theatre Arts of Raleigh (S.T.A.R) , c/o Carolyn Esbenshade, 4009 Bankshire Lane, Raleigh, NC 27603.

Tributes may be made to the family at www.BrownWynneCary.com.

CLICK for more information


GoCamp Volunteerism ... The main goal is to educate a new young generation of active and conscious citizens of Ukraine, capable of  life long learning, and prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, fluent in foreign languages and open to other cultures and experiences.

GoCamp takes place all over Ukraine, including small cities and villages. Volunteers will be placed in one of the numerous GoCamps in all regions of Ukraine. Our volunteer's safety and security is our priority, so no volunteers are sent to the conflict area.

Available options:
September 1 - September 19 (training for volunteers on September 1-4 )
More GoCamp Information  https://gocamps.com.ua/en/projects/17



The 2018 Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference on the Global Bioeconomy  (ABLC Global) will be held November 7-9, 2018 at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco.

ABLC Global will be home to 17 distinctive Summits, Workshops and Forums and three organizations under one big tent. Dozens of international high-level delegations and the focus and energy of ABLC and its "Networking Like Crazy" focus on cooperation, collaboration, partnership, deal-making and trend-spotting.

The Speakers, the dates, the venue, and a special 2 for 1 opportunity to maximize ROI -  perhaps the single broadest, most global event ever organized in the advanced bioeconomy - all ready for you at The Digest online


H1B (work visa) ready candidate from Ukraine looking for employment in U.S.
Seeking COO, CMO, Product Marketing/Marketing Management and Business Development role

I am Andriy from Kyiv. 

I received my H1B in January 2018 and now I'm officially authorized to work in the U.S. 

I possess an American MBA (UMaine Business School, year of 2004).
I am looking to add to my 15+ years of global marketing and executive management experience to benefit your company.  

I have strong experience in IT (software developmet), digital media, e-commerce and telecommunications industries. Looking for a role of:  COO, CMO, Product Marketing/Marketing Management and Business Development.

Specific, detailed background information can be readily provided. 
Most importantly, I am a hard working professional.

Please contact me at: andriy.sh@gmail.com


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