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March 2018
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The Holy Cross Seder Haggadah
Holy Cross has a Maundy Thursday tradition of celebrating the Seder Haggadah followed by a quiet, somber and short service of the stripping of the altar. 
The 2018 Seder Dinner will be held in the Parish Hall on Thursday, March 29 starting at 6:00pm. The evening will wrap up by 9:00pm. 

Tickets are $14.00 for adults and $7.00 for light eaters & kids.
Complimentary tickets are available; please contact the church office.

Come for the fun and community, but stay for the spiritual experience. 
This Christian version of the Jewish Passover Seder is a representation of the ritual meal of The Last Supper Jesus had with his Disciples and instituted the Sacrament of Holy Communion. 
We follow the customs and language of the Jewish Passover Seder.
This is a family event and kid friendly. Fun highlights of the dinner are:
The kids hide the Afikomen from the Priest and he has to find it and offer a reward to the children. We retell and remember the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. Four cups of wine/apple juice are consumed during the ceremony-use caution. 
Each interested audience member reads a portion of the service. The Celebrant recites portions in Hebrew. We sing a traditional Jewish Passover song, “Dayenu” while throwing green onions at each other. We eat a delicious dinner together and laugh.
After dinner, the service continues with The Lord’s Supper, which reminds us of how Jesus fulfills the Prophecy and of his sacrifice for us. The evening concludes with the Stripping of the Altar. In this a quiet and somber service the sanctuary lights are dimmed. We sing quietly “A stable Lamp is Lighted” by Richard Wilbur and David Hurd Andujar while the priest strips and washes the altar. The evening is over. Everyone leaves in silence to contemplate and thank Jesus for his sacrifice for us as we begin our Good Friday observance. 
Ticket Sales and sign up sheets will begin on March 4 .
Volunteers are needed to make this happen. Please contact Lydia Abbott if you can help. LydiaAbbott425@gmail.com or #425-556-9219.
Seder Dinner Apprentices Needed~  
You have a unique opportunity to learn from Lydia Abbott , the secret knowledge of our Holy Week Seder Dinner liturgy. It would be great to have three apprentices working with Lydia this year. Pray about it, as a missionary. Please contact the office.
Lenten Season & Holy Week
Easter Brunch
April 1st @ 10:15am                                
Easter brunch is a FABULOUS HOLY CROSS TRADITION! Invite your extended family and visiting friends! Everyone brings a dish to share which might range from ham or egg dishes to fruits and veggies to baked favorites that your family loves. Bring your item cut, ready to serve in either a disposable dish so we can get it back to you! It’s a wonderful time for our whole community to come together. 

We DO NEED A FEW HELPING HANDS: (4)prep for beverages on Sunday at 9am & (4) cleanup. Call or email Sue Crossley (425-836-4749) or Tina Paul (425-485-5620).  Sign up in the Narthex Thanks ~ Tina Paul
 Easter Dinner at Stillwater House ~
Sign-up in the Narthex
We can help make Easter special for the residents.
Please choose a dish and prepare the dish at home.
(No dietary restrictions) 
Deliver your dish in a disposable container on March 31st between 9:30am-5:00pm or Easter Sunday, April 1st before 11:00am.
Please prepare your dish for 20 people, and deliver it to:
Stillwater House ~ 8705 166 th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052 #425-653-5080
Women's Retreat
Please consider joining the fellowship at this year’s Women’s Retreat. It is a time to get to know each other better, play & laugh, reflect, listen, sing, pray, enjoy the beauty of the NW.
The theme “Our Faith Journey Together” will be about exploring how our faith has impacted where we've been, where we're going and the value of supporting each other and not being alone on our journeys. Specifically, four women among us have agreed to share their faith journeys and remind us that we're in this together.
The 2 night retreat is Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, April 27-29 , 2018 at beautiful Camp Huston in Gold Bar, WA. Registration will open at the end of February. Questions?? Contact either Diane Vanden Brook, 425-286-7191 or e-mail diburg@aol.com or Kim Eichner, 425-443-5464 or kim.eichner@comcast.net. 

"Super Seniors Sniff Snoqualmie Valley's Dairy Air
in February"
Our intrepid Super Seniors traveled to the Werkhoven Dairy Farm in Monroe to see how it operates. Milk from this farm gets to stores in 2-3 days sold under the brand name Darigold. The speedy process is the result of 24/7 hard work by 18 dairy workers, mechanization, and sound business practices. There are 850 cows at this dairy and another 400 at the sister dairy down the road. By the way, the cows were very curious about us, coming over to the fences to check us out and ask for a pet on the nose. The milk from this farm goes to Darigold in Issaquah for processing and packaging.
Farmer Jon, our guide, runs the dairy with his wife and other family members. He did a great job explaining details of how the farm works.
(He’s a teacher at heart.) The second part of our tour took place down the road at the Biodigestor, where the cow’s waste manure goes through a complex treatment process and is transformed into fertilizer or electricity. The latter is sold to Snohomish PUD to add to the power grid. The dairy is in a partnership with the Tulalip Tribe to achieve dual goals. One is to turn the manure into money. The other is to keep the Skykomish and Snoqualmie Rivers and the valley they run through clean and environmentally safe.
We had lunch at Duvall’s The Grange Café. The food was delicious and the service was friendly and courteous. 
Next Senior Event in March!
Date Change: Thursday, March 22 @ 11:30am
Luncheon in the Parish Hall
followed by speaker Tony Taylor!
You won’t want to surrender your opportunity to hear this!
Our very own Tony Taylor has offered to give a talk and slide show about his father’s role and memorabilia, from his time on the battleship USS Missouri at the end of WWII, and the signing of the Surrender by Japan. How do powerful nations end a war
Turns out, it’s not that easy or simple.

Potluck Lunch at 11:30 am ~please bring a salad, dessert or other luncheon item. Coffee & juice will be provided. Presentation at 1:00 pm.
RSVP ASAP to Melissa Holmes ~ #425-483-2721 ~  holmesb@msn.com
Faith Formation
Another fun Mardi Gras Celebration!
Holy Communion Class begins March 4
This class is open to all students in grade 3 and above. The class will take place during the regular Sunday school hour and is jam packed with information and projects to build a layer of understanding of all the elements of our Holy Eucharist service. The class culminates on Mother’s Day with the students assisting Fr. Jim as celebrants of Holy Eucharist.   Click here for complete schedule .
Snow Tubing for All~
Contact Patrick for further questions.
Middle School Youth Curriculum
Youth ramp up their study of The Deathly Hallows, To Die Is Gain: Good and Evil in the World of Harry Potter, which includes mighty comparisons to Jesus’ life, death and resurrection will begin in January.
High School Youth Curriculum
Youth continue with Nicky Gumbel’s Alpha Course exploring questions of faith on Sunday mornings.
Drop-In is every Wednesday evening for conversations, movies, music and fun. 
Family Work Weekend – jobs for everyone!   $10!!
Come on out to Camp Huston and help us beautify the property before summer begins. All ages are welcome - adults must accompany youth under the age of 16. Check-in begins Friday, May 5th at 4pm. The weekend concludes Sunday, May 7th after lunch at 2pm.
Youth groups, families, friends, churches, school volunteers etc. are all encouraged to join - the more the merrier! Registration is only $10 per person to help cover the cost of food. This event is a great way to introduce your favorite friends to your favorite camp!
Registration Options online: Huston.org or by phone: 360.793.0441
Or by mail: PO Box 140, Gold Bar WA 98251 email: info@huston.org
SPRING HYC APRIL 6-8 at St. James, Kent
For youth in grades 9-12 from all over the diocese. These weekend conferences include faith formation and exploration, fun, and fellowship, through contemporary music, worship, small group conversations, games, workshops and special activities. Register online here .
Book Club~
Tuesday, March 13 @ 7:00pm ~ 
Book Club is reading Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger… .
Set in Minnesota in 1961, this coming of age story of two brothers moving from the innocence of ice creams at the local drugstore to death striking multiple times in one summer. Frank, the main character is cognizant of walking through the door into young adulthood and at the same time the may events he has no control over in his life. While he gains some granules of wisdom at a significant personal price, he discovers his resiliency and the enduring Grace of God! 
Sue Crossley is hosting this month. Come join us for wine and appetizers with good discussion plus dessert and coffee. If you have read a good book, we’ll be choosing a book for June. Perhaps you’d like to recommend the book to the group! 
Contact Tina Paul (in the directory) if you plan to attend. Tina Paul      
Sally Smith, Director of Best Beginnings Preschool is retiring after 22 years
of service.
Best Beginnings Preschool would like to announce the retirement of Sally Smith, Director of Best Beginnings Preschool in Redmond, Washington in June 2018. Sally has been a part of the early childhood education community in our area for over 40 years. After graduating from the University of Washington, her journey working with young children began teaching at the Boyer Children’s Clinic and Munchkins Preschool. She also worked as a Parent Educator through Lake Washington Technical Institute at Finn Hill
Co-Op Preschool. Sally has served as Preschool Director at Best Beginnings since 1996, touching the lives of thousands of children and their families in the Redmond and Woodinville areas. As Preschool Director, her responsibilities included overseeing the staff of 15 teachers and 165 students while providing a warm and nurturing environment where children can learn, play and grow. Sally’s years of experience in early childhood education brought insight, compassion and understanding to all she worked with including children, parents and colleagues. As much as we will miss Sally, this well-deserved milestone will give her the opportunity to spend more time doing the things she loves; traveling, reading and spending time with her family including her grandchildren.
We invite the friends and alumni of Best Beginnings Preschool and all who know and love Sally to join us for a retirement open house celebration honoring her on Saturday, April 21st from 1:00 to 3:00 at Holy Cross Episcopal Church, 11526 162nd Avenue NE, Redmond, WA 98052.
For inquires or questions, please contact Stephanie Taketa or Patty Venema at hc.preschool@frontier.com .
Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. is a Christian faith-based ministry serving the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women, youth, and their families.
On April 19-22 , Kairos will be hosting our 62nd 4-day retreat weekend at the Washington State Reformatory (WSR) in Monroe. The retreat is closely modeled after Cursillo, but with a special focus on the unique needs of prisoners.
Holy Cross will be hosting our weekend Base Camp and team training sessions leading up to the weekend retreat. A team of 30+ volunteers, including four from Holy Cross, will meet for meals and team faith formation here at Base Camp before departing for the prison (lunch on Thursday, breakfasts on Friday and Saturday).
On Saturday, March 17 and March 31 Holy Cross will host team formation and training sessions, where we develop the fellowship that will minster to the inside participants. 
Curious about Kairos? Contact Lin Lindsey (cglindsey5@gmail.com, 206-979-1314) or Jerry Whalen ( jerrycwhalen@outlook.com  425-736-8141). Got some kitchen skills? Contact Susan Lindsey (lindsey5@cablespeed.com, 425-985-6411) to volunteer to help with Base Camp cooking.
Our heartfelt thanks to the Holy Cross family for supporting Kairos!
    Women's A.M. Bible Study
Come join us on Tuesday mornings starting @ 9:30am.
Questions: Contact Pam Stanton-Wyman -  pamstwy@gmail.com
Green Elephant Plant Swap ~ March 3 @ 10am
Rain or shine, gardeners gather to exchange and share plants, seeds, cuttings and gardenalia with all. Swappers are free to come and go as they please. Most of the deals are sealed by 11:30 am. Arrive at 10 am for the best selection. 
Many gardeners generously share plants from the abundance of their gardens. There is always a pile of plants free for the sharing at the swap. What if I have nothing to trade? Cookies and chocolate work like money.
Flower Chart ~ The 2018 Flower Chart is now available. 
Write your name on the date you wish to make a dedication. More than one name can share a date. Complete a “Flower Donation Card” and place it in the provide envelope along with your donation.
($35.00 suggested donation.) Write “Flowers” on the memo line.
 Drop the envelope in the offering basket or Office Mail Box located in the Narthex.
May We Pray For You?
Contact Karen Smith to be placed on the Holy Cross Prayer Chain.