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The Crusader Times for October 7, 2021
Oct 7-Nov 14: Priority Registration for the 2022-23 school year for current families
Oct 18: Winter uniform begins
Oct 19: Report Cards Distributed
Oct 20: Dine & Donate at PJ Whelihan's in Downingtown 5-9 PM- Free Dress Down Day #cheersto20years
Oct 24: Trunk or Treat 5:30-7 PM
Oct 28: Classroom Halloween celebrations- Parent/Teacher conferences 3-7:30 PM
Scholastic Book Fair
Oct 29: NO School. Parent/Teacher conferences 8 AM - 12 PM
Scholastic Book Fair
Nov 15: Open Registration begins for the 2022-23 school year
Please see the school calendar for all important dates and information.
The Crusader Times is published the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month. Please contact the Advancement office for any news that you would like to schedule.
From the Principal's Desk

Dear Friends of Saints Peter and Paul School,

There is a sense of hope and gratitude in Saints Peter and Paul School! We are having a great beginning to the 2021-2022 school year. Many things we missed have returned: students moving from class to class, eating in the cafeteria, scouts, the Parish Family Picnic, Pre-K field trip, CYO, being able to mix classes on the field at recess, return of flag football, celebrating mass together in church, and the children being in school with less time in virtual learning.  

The Pre- Kindergarten through eighth-graders would like to share with you all the wonderful and exciting things happening in school. One special prayer we are saying in October as a school is the rosary. We continue to pray for the kindness and support of the parish and for God’s many graces.

I hope you enjoy reading all the fabulous things the SSPP students are doing in school.  

God bless your families!

Sincere regards,
Mrs. Veronica Chandler

Pre-K 3
This was an exciting week for Pre-K3! The children, their parents, along with Mrs. Forrest and Mrs. Halvorsen visited Sugartown Strawberries. Everyone had fun on the hayride and every student brought home their own pumpkin. Besides working hard on learning how to bless themselves, the Pre-K 3 is also learning the letter “D”. Listening, following directions, and walking in a straight line as a class are important skills and they are definitely getting to be experts! I know everyone will be impressed to hear that their vocabulary words are: “curious” and “cooperation” through their Frog Street 3 Program. Big things are happening in Pre-K 3!

Pre-K 4
The happy Pre-K 4’s are getting ready for Fall by painting a pumpkin patch using finger paints. They are focusing on the importance of emotions and feelings and using safe hands and feet. Respect for each other is very important to understand and show to one another. They practiced these skills when they did “partner play”. When partnered together, they were given a task to complete and they incorporated their social skills and listening ears. Their STREAM project involved using Model Magic to create a creature. At the same time, they were strengthening their fine motor skills. Finally, the Pre-K 4’s are learning to create different patterns with manipulatives. Many important skills are being learned in Pre-K 4!

Fire safety prevention is the main focus this week with the inquisitive kindergartners!. Last week they fine-tuned their culinary skills and made applesauce and did apple tasting. This was to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day. In ELA they are working on forming letters correctly using songs to help them and are working on recognizing how many words are in a sentence. Understanding what a noun is is also important to their understanding of grammar. In math, they are learning about two and three-dimensional shapes, patterns, and listening skills. The kindergarteners are busy!

First Grade
Knowing trick words helps determined first graders become better readers. The first graders know many trick words such as: “the” and “of” to name a few. In Fundations they know that sometimes two letters make one sound and that there are four kinds of sentences. In religion class, they learned that the Holy Family is made up of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. They read two stories about storms. One text was realistic fiction and the other was an informational text. Finally, in math, they are learning about time, money, and ordinal numbers. 

Second Grade
The curious second graders are focused on weather vanes and a variety of instruments used to measure weather. They know Jesus is divine and that He is a part of the Holy Family. They are beginning to focus on the sacraments and will begin with the sacrament of Baptism. When they are writing, they are making sure they are always using end punctuation, complete sentences, naming parts, and action parts. They are reading an interesting story entitled, “Diary of a Spider”.  

Third Grade
Phillies Fridays is an exciting tradition for the third grade! On Fridays, the students wear Phillies colors to support the home team. Understanding the difference between an urban and rural community is the focus in social studies. Each student will build their own community out of Legos. In math, the third graders are working on knowing multiplication facts and understanding what a factor and product are as well as working on division. They shared an event in their life and explained it in a personal narrative writing sample.

Fourth Grade
The fourth graders wanted to share that they enjoy using an online app called “Math Prodigy” which helps them reinforce their skills. They are ready to embark on a new writing genre and will include all the different types of sentences. Their original and creative “Scary Story” will include simple subjects, simple predicates, complete subjects, and complete predicates. In September they created beautiful poems in which they shared what they see as the best part of themselves. In social studies, they learned about land and water forms and the states that border Pennsylvania. Experimenting with celery and colored water, they learned whether or not the plant is vascular or nonvascular. The fourth graders have acclimated to more responsibilities this year.

Fifth Grade
The fifth graders can tell you there are different governments in other countries around the world and what they are. In science, they are excited that Galileo and Newton were famous astronomers, who used telescopes to explore the universe. They have been learning about supernovas and constellations. In religion, they are learning the Apostle’s Creed, Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy, and saints and their feast days. They know there are steps to solving a math word problem and apply these steps in math class: 1. Read 2. Plan 3. Solve and 4. Check. In Spanish, they are learning the Our Father in Spanish and blessing themselves in Spanish.

Sixth Grade
The new students of the middle school have many responsibilities this year! They are moving to more classes throughout the building while at the same time making sure they manage their lockers and belongings for each class. In social studies, they are learning about deserts, rivers, and mountain ranges around the world. They enjoyed reading an excerpt from Harry Potter entitled, “The Worst Birthday” that resonated with many of them because they are familiar with the characters. They enjoy learning new vocabulary words by going around the classroom to 4 learning stations around the classroom. This year they are focusing on the Old Testament stories in the bible and have experimented with a penny and water using the scientific method. In art class, they are using their talent to create pastel landscapes.  

Seventh Grade
Social studies in the 7th grade is focused on the Renaissance and the Rebirth Era. They are reading about many explorers, Native Americans, Vikings, and Crusaders. This week they were excited to begin the book Tangerine. Each month the 7th graders choose a book to read and review. In religion class they are focusing on Jesus as their friend and that He calls us all by name to follow Him. Jesus is the incarnation and is fully God and human. They are beginning a study of the Gospels.  In science, they are focusing on the scientific names of species and organisms as well as the different types of microscopes.  

Eighth Grade
The class of 2022 had its Student Council installation and is ready to have a productive year. They had fun using Flip Snack to create a front page of a newspaper in social studies class that reported on the beginning of the Civil War. They specifically discussed the Battle of Fort Sumter. In the newspaper, political cartoons and editorials were included that explained the perspective of a northerner and a southerner.  They are writing a great deal in ELA class and are going to write and illustrate a fictional story or mystery short story. They expressed how they enjoy free reading time in class. On Friday, 8th graders enjoy “Scripture Fridays'' where they read and discuss the Sunday Gospel.

Join Us for Trunk or Treat on October 24
On Sunday, October 24th Saints Peter and Paul School will host the beloved "Trunk or Treat" event from 5:30-7 PM. The event is open to all school and parish families! The school is in need of inflatable decorations and participants to decorate their cars. In order to best prepare for the event, can you also use the sign-up to let us know you're coming, you will have with you. We hope to see you at this spooktacular event!
An Important Message from the Nurse's Office
Parents, please note that the exclusion deadline for Physicals and Dentals is November 1, 2021.
This means that all physicals and dentals for the following students need to be in the Nurse’s office by 11/2/21 to avoid your child being excluded from school:

Physical Exams are required for Kindergarten and 6th graders, as well as any new students, regardless of the grade they are entering, and must be signed and dated on or after August 2020 to fulfill the PA state mandate.

Dental Exams are required for Kindergarten, 3rd, and 7th graders, as well as any new students, regardless of the grade they are entering, and must be signed and dated on or after August 2020 to fulfill the PA state mandate.

If you have any questions or want to verify what your child needs or confirm what you sent in, please contact Laurie Hopton, Staff Nurse (M-Thurs) lhopton@wcasd.net and Megan Foytack (Fri) mfoytack@sspeterandpaulrc.org at 484-473-8308 or Colette Dugan, Certified School Nurse at 484-266-2006 or cdugan@wcasd.net

CYO Update
Basketball Season Information 
Hello Crusaders, 
As our fall sports head into their final month and playoff preparations begin, we are busy planning for our basketball season. It officially starts on 11/2/21. 
We do anticipate a few Covid related adjustments to our season and as it gets closer to the season, we will announce them accordingly. We appreciate your flexibility and support. 
Registration for basketball will begin on October 5th and close on October 25th. After registrations are completed, we will announce the schedule for evaluations. Evaluations will start on November 2nd. We anticipate evaluations possibly being scheduled over the first two weeks of November. 
 When signing up for basketball this year, you will be asked to note, “Regional” or “Parish.”
Regional basketball is our most competitive level. Practices can be 3-4x a week with games throughout the week. Playing time is not guaranteed at this level, but we will make every effort to give every player a meaningful experience. A high commitment level is expected for regional basketball and it should be your primary sport and team from November-February. Regional players are expected to attend the evaluation which could include 3-4 sessions. 
Parish basketball is less competitive than the regional level. Equal playing time is mandatory for each player. Practices are scheduled for 1-2x a week, with 1 game per week. 
Both levels have tournament options for teams. Playoffs are available for each level at the end of the season in February. 
If you have any questions regarding your child’s selection for basketball, please reach out to Joe Rodia before attending our evaluations. 
More detailed information will be released on the evaluation process once registrations are completed. Please make registration a priority as we have several plans to make and understanding our registrations will be very helpful to our basketball planning. 
To register your child for basketball, please visit the CYO registration page.
Thank you.

The Monsignor Foley Golf Outing and Golf Ball Drop a Huge Success!
Mrs. Chandler is a good sport!
We think the ball drop was higher this year!
Congratulations to Zach L and his family on winning the golf ball drop!
The response to this year's golf outing was truly amazing! Thank you to everyone for their generous support of the Teacher Enrichment Fund! We had a beautiful day for the outing with the highest attendance to date. Our volunteers and event chair, Christine Parsons, made sure that the event was well run and that our participants had a wonderful experience! Thank you for all of your hard work! Mrs. Chandler once again went to new heights for this year's 50/50 Golf Ball Drop. Thank you to Goshen Fire Company for your participation! The winner was one of our very own second-grade families. The prize was over $2600. Congratulations!
This year's event raised over $50,000 for the Teacher Enrichment Fund. We are grateful for the outpouring of support, and look forward to next year's event on October 24th!
Golf Ball Drop Video Thank you, Goshen Fire Company!
SSPP Families, 

What a fantastic start to the school year so far! A great parents' night out at Locust Lane, a wonderful welcome to our new families at the first HSA meeting, the overwhelming support of our teachers at the Monsignor Foley Golf Outing, and a super fun Parish Picnic this past weekend! And we’re just getting started!  

Check out our upcoming activities/events and date changes*:

Sunday, 10/24 5:30 pm Halloween Event
Thursday, 11/11 9:30 am Veterans Day Program
Sunday, 11/14 TBD LEGO Service Project - Grades 3-5
Tuesday, 11/16 7:00 pm HSA Meeting @ SSPP Cafeteria

Halloween Event - Sunday, Oct 24th (moved from Sat, Oct 30th.)
Spring Fundraiser - Saturday, May 7th (moved from Sat, May 14th.)
HSA Meeting - Tuesday, March 8th (moved from Tues, March 15th)

Don’t forget to sign up to volunteer for upcoming events and initiatives!

Halloween Event - Please join our 4th-grade class in creating a Trunk or Treat to remember!
Service Committee - Support the school’s efforts to showcase our “hands to serve”. 
Health & Wellness Committee - Support the school’s efforts to encourage all children to be physically and mentally fit! 

Details can always be found on our HSA website. Go ahead and bookmark it! Happy Fall everyone!

The Home & School Association

Dine and Donate Event on October 20th!
New Parishioner Gathering
October 24, 2021, 10:30 AM to Noon
We are excited to once again host our annual New Parishioner Gathering in the Parish Center on Sunday, October 24 after the 9:30 AM Mass! If you have registered in our parish in the last two years, or are considering joining our parish, please come and receive a proper welcome! Parish and school leaders will be present to answer your questions and help you get to know us better.  This has become a popular event over the past few years and is a great opportunity for you to meet others who are new to the parish and those who have been here for many years.
Light refreshments will be provided. 
Please RSVP by October 18 to Judy Magee,
484-473-8205 or jmagee@sspeterandpaulrc.org. 
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Are you a current family, alumni family, or alumni that want to share your experience of SSPP?

SSPP is asking you to take a moment to review our school on FaceBook and Niche.

As an incentive, Niche.com is holding a monthly sweepstake to win a $1000 scholarship for those who review their school on Niche.

For those of you who review the school on our FaceBook page, you will be entered to win a $150 Amazon gift card.

To review Saints Peter and Paul School on Niche and enter their sweepstakes, please use their sweepstakes link.

Thank you for your support!
Attention School Parents of Our 7th and 8th Graders
Parents of 7th and 8th Graders,
ECyD will resume at SSPP this year for boys in 7th and 8th grade.  Encounters Convictions and your Decisions at Saints Peter and Paul (ECyD) is an international Catholic association of adolescents who make a pledge of friendship with Christ and with each other to build up a new world according to the Gospel: rcphilly.com/ecyd 
Emily Bracken, a graduate of SSPP, is also offering to lead a 7th Grade girls youth group. Walking With Purpose has a program entitled "Blaze" especially for middle school girls. Through this program, they will learn how to use the Bible as a tool for spiritual growth, strengthen prayer life and bonds with family and friends!
If you are alumni, or parent of alumni and have exciting news to share, please let the Advancement office know! We want to celebrate you!
Saint’s Peter and Paul Men’s Group

Hello! my name is Joe, and I have been fortunate to participate in the men’s gospel reflection group which meets at the SSPP Rectory early every Wednesday morning from 6 to 7 AM since May of 2019.
Yes, there is coffee. 
It has been a blessing and something we all look forward to each week. 
We greet each other and then pray. 
We read the upcoming Sunday gospel and then whoever is inclined will talk about how the gospel is important to them, in what way it may be used in their life or perhaps we may hear cultural or historical remarks that help put the gospel into perspective. 
We learn from the gospel and each other and then pray. We pray to be better Christian men, husbands, fathers, brothers, friends, neighbors, citizens, etc.
Should you want to feel a little closer to God or have someone you know learn more about our group, have that man join us any early Wednesday morning sometime. We are even joined occasionally by one of our priests, just another man. You will not be disappointed, but encouraged. We do not all speak, but we all hear. We lose a little sleep, but we gain a little awakening. 
Finally, we pray for intentions put forth by anyone who asks about people they know who need prayer, which has been effective, or for those suffering in one way or another. 
Thank you for your time and God bless you all.
If you have any questions, please email 
Chris at cpickell@gvsd.org    or    Joe at brackenfamily7@verizon.net
2019-2020 Annual Report
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