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As a vacation destination, Spain offers endless possibilities for discovery, and its beauty, architecture, history, people, and definitely the food will have you coming back time after time.
The Culinary History of Spain
Spanish food is known for being simple, comforting but most importantly, fresh. The ingredients are always of premium quality and each dish is made with love, passion, and cultural pride. Spain’s cuisine is reflective of a country that was both conquered, and also has a long history of colonization. 
When North African Moors arrived in Spain in 711 CE, they shook things up on the culinary scene. Alcohol was banned for well over 345 years, which meant that wine production halted. However, olive oil production exploded with innovative techniques and irrigation technology brought over by the Moors. Olives may have arrived in Spain thousands of years earlier, but it was the Moors that introduced olive oil in cooking, a method that is a fixture in Spanish cuisine today.
The Six Food Regions of Spain
Today, Spain offers six distinctive culinary regions, so if you’re looking to have the full Spanish culinary experience, let's plan your itinerary around some of these regions. 
How to Pack Like an Expert
New York Times writer Susan Heller famously said, “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.”
Even when we have great intentions, it’s easy to overload our suitcases. We wind up dragging a lot of stuff around. There’s more to keep track of; it winds up being a lot of physical and mental clutter. And, of course, we wind up paying a ton of extra fees for the additional weight and luggage.
So, rather than viewing efficient packing as a practice in minimalism, we like to think of it as a challenge that helps you make the most of every vacation: you have what you need, you’re freed up to not have to lug around a bunch of extra weight, and you can put that saved money towards a special souvenir, a nice dinner out, or another cool experience.
So what are the secrets that seasoned travelers use to guarantee expert packing? CLICK HERE FOR OUR TOP 6!
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