Focus on Culture
February 2019 Edition
What Does Corporate Culture Mean to You????

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"Leaders Drive Values...Values Drive Behaviors...Behaviors Drive Culture"

The House of Culture
Lyn Turknett Co-founder & Co-chair Turknett Leadership Group

I heard a speaker open a presentation once with the words, “Toxic leaders can kill.” He was being deliberately provocative, but that didn’t make it any less true. Toxic leaders can kill – and they create toxic cultures that culture can kill. I came face to face with the reality about 20 years ago. 

My sister had had surgery that went okay – but then she had to have a second surgery to repair a torn vessel suture. She had lost a lot of blood when the suture tore – but the surgeon didn’t want to give her blood. Some surmised that he an excellent track record and having to transfuse meant his surgery hadn’t been adequately perfect. Back in her room after the second surgery she seemed pale and confused. That night she began losing consciousness. We asked that someone call the doctor, but no one was willing to call. They were all afraid of the surgeon.

The FOUNDATION: Strong Values and a Culture of Character

How do we build a culture of trust where people feel energized, contribute their best ideas, and want to stay?

Without a foundation of integrity and trust combined with respect for each other and responsibility to  each other, sustained success is rare.   Read More
Turknett House of Culture
ALIGNMENT with Strategy, Business Model, and Brand
How do we shape our culture to support our strategy?
We all recognize that a mismatch of culture and business model is a recipe for disaster.      Read More

SUSTAINABILITY: Enduring into the Future
How do we create a culture of adaptability and agility? 
Every organization must (1) develop their human potential and the next generation of leaders and (2) must be agile, quickly sensing change and responding quickly.  Read More
Message from Tino
Culture...What's Changed?

Unless you are living underground, and haven’t come above ground for many years, you know that “culture” is a red-hot topic and there are no signs of it cooling off anytime soon. I wish I could write my brief newsletter segment and say I have found the promised land Read More

What Are We Reading at TLG?
Bob Turknett Ed.D.
Co-founder & Co-chair TLG

by Daniel Coyle

“Culture is not something you are—it’s something you do.  The Culture Code  offers a roadmap for creating an environment where innovation flourishes, problems get solved, and expectations are exceeded.””

Give and Take By Adam Grant

Offers a breath of fresh air to traditional theories of what it takes to be successful. The author, Adam Grant, suggests organizations should focus on developing a “giver culture” rather than a “taker culture.” Give and Take demonstrates how giving more to others, rather than competing against them, may be the secret to profound success and fulfillment.
Tino Mantella
President & CEO TLG

by Robert & Lyn Turknett

“Growing, Learning and Developing Character…..even when we see ourselves as grown up”. Bob and Lyn stress continuous learning and improving as contributors. Building a company culture starts with the recognition of the leader(s) that they haven’t climbed to the mountain top. There is always more to do.
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Leadership and Culture Assessment
Want to hit this challenge head-on?
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Women in Leadership
Thursday, February 28, 2019
7:30am - 10am
Commerce Club

"An Inside Story of Corporate Culture
with Leadership Insights from
Two Leaders Working Together"

featuring Alex Gregory , immediate past Chairman & CEO, YKK Corporation of America
and Jessica Cork , VP of Public Relations & Communications, YKK Corp. of America.
Turknett Buzz
Announcing Talent Connections Partnership
TLG is pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Talent Connections . For over 20 years, Talent Connections has been a leader in HR Search, placing hundreds of top candidates across the country, including a multitude of CHROs. As a result, TLG is excited to announce we will now be able to offer top HR Search capabilities through Talent Connections. 
TLG has been “Helping Leaders Rise” for more than 30 years. An area of expertise is pre-hire assessments, particularly for C-Suite related positions. Talent Connections will be resourcing their pre-hire assessment requirements to TLG moving forward. Together, our two established organizations will optimize a comprehensive set of services for our respective clients. Additionally, TLG will be able to access capabilities offered through Talent Connection's sister company, Career Spa. Career Spa provides guidance and direction and a variety of outplacement services for individual job seekers in transition .
As seen in the Harvard Business Review
" How to tell your boss you don't want a promotion! " We’re supposed to want promotions. HBR certainly publishes a lot about how to move up to the next title, the next step in your career. But what if you don’t want to take that step? Maybe the timing isn’t good for your family, or you really like what you’re doing now. Executive coach Patricia Thompson offers advice on how to tell your boss you don’t want a promotion . As long as you’re not doing it because you’re afraid of failing, there are smart ways to hold off on a career move until the timing or the position is right for you.
Tino Mantella receives letter of commend ation from Gov. Nathan Deal
T ino Mantella , CEO & President of TLG was recognized at the State Capital by Gov. Deal for a "job well done" in driving key technology legislative initiatives for the State of
Georgia , the growth of TAG ( Technology Association of Georgia ) and decades of other community service and l eadership . Tino received a Letter of Commendation from Governor Nathan Deal and Lyn & Bob Turknett were thrilled to be there to see him receive this honor.

Great job Tino!

March 28, 2019
Ms. Lyn & Dr. Bob Turknett
Co-founders and Co-chairmans, Turknett Leadership Group
Recognized for their commitment to assuring our community's leaders lead with character and ethics while promoting mental health advocacy for all
Ralph de la Vega Chairman at De La Vega Group recommends...
Decent: A Humble but Powerful Word for Conflictive Times
"At a time when news headlines make you wonder what ever happened to our values; when we see leaders refuse to listen to the other’s side, much less negotiate on critical issues; when we see newsmakers twisting facts to suit their needs, one humble word stands out in my mind.

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*Employee well-being is going to be the next big emphasis within U.S. companies - this is already happening in other countries.

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