Everywhere the River Flows, It Brings Life
Leadership Development
by Dennis Jeffery, TRC Superintendent

"The truly worthy career does not end with its own story, but
       in the story of those who follow." - Richard Phillips

The church exploded with growth after Jesus left earth. Stop and think about that reality. Jesus told his disciples it would be better for them if he "went away" because then the Holy Spirit would come upon them which is exactly what happened on Pentecost. A leadership lesson we can learn from Jesus' example is a major component of spiritual leadership work is to develop a team of leaders who are prepared to take their God given place in unleashing a movement of God in the world which out lives the leader. We see this principle in John Wesley's life where after his death the Methodist movement spread far beyond the scope of his ministry when he was in the flesh. 

6 Disruptive Church Trends That Will Rule 2017
By  Carey Nieuwhof

The culture continues to change rapidly around you as a church leader.
You get that. 
And yet sometimes the change is easy to miss.
Last January, I outlined  5 disruptive church trends that would dominate 2016.
2017 is no different. In fact, the need for change is more urgent because our culture is arguably changing faster than it was even a year ago.
The question-as always- is: are you ready as a leader?

FMC Annual Reporting Is Now Open! 
As a reminder, Annual Reports are due by January 31, 2017. Please visit the following link to login and input your information for 2016. If you have forgotten your login information, please contact the Conference office at admin@theriverconference.org

Welcome to the new River Conference Administrator

We are happy to announce that Jane Thedens has joined our conference office in the role of Administrator. For most of her career, Jane has provided continuing medical education to physicians. She also spent 5 years as an administrator at a local Denver church. Jane and her husband Michael have two children, Kristin & Scott and are expecting their first grandchild in March! She loves to garden, cook and hike in the mountains with her two Siberian Huskies.
Coming Events,Training Opportunities
and Information

Join us at E3 and join the entire global Free Methodist Church 
in reaching untold millions for Christ!

The 2017 E3 events will start with lunch at Noon on Fridays and will conclude with lunch at 12:30 pm Saturdays.

Dates and locations are:
  • January 20-21 Florida
  • January 27-28 Centerpoint Church in Murrieta, CA
  • February 10-11 Warm Beach Conference Center north of Seattle, WA
  • March 10-11 McPherson, KS
  • March 20-22 Hunt Valley, MD as a part of M.I.N.E.
  • March 24-25 Spring Arbor, MI
Registration is only $49.
Please click here for more information.

It is MANDATORY that Pastors attend one of the E3 Regional Meetings. 
Prayers requested...

Captain Lane Sandifer (Ranger) TRC Chaplain has deployed for a 9 month tour of Iraq with the US Army. His wife Sarah and their 3 young daughters (ages 5, 3 & 1 1/2) are currently living in Georgia. Please pray for protection and much ministry fruit as he puts himself in danger to minister to others. 
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