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San Joaquin River Restoration Program Resumes Restoration Flows

In case you missed it, the Restoration Administrator for the San Joaquin River Restoration Program has announced the resumption of Restoration Flows on the San Joaquin River.

This schedule includes two brief pulses in late February, followed by a steady flow through the spring which utilizes the available channel capacity. Restoration Flows decline in the summer and increases in autumn into winter coinciding with salmon reproduction, incubation, and juvenile fry emergence.
The Restoration Allocation will be updated several times between now and May, and in response, the Restoration Administrator may adjust flows or add additional features to the hydrograph such as pulses or ramp-downs.
The public is encouraged to monitor flow conditions if recreating on or near the San Joaquin River. Natural storm runoff and changes to the Restoration Flow schedule may occur at any time. After months of low flows due to drought, it may be tempting to underestimate the power of the river and the effects of cold water.
March PARC Meetings

Stay up to date on Measure P spending plans by attending the Parks, Recreation, and Arts Commission meetings. Attend in person or online.
2022 River Camp Registration!
Public registration Tuesday, March 1st
Members at the $100 level or higher received the discount codes.

If you have not received your code(s) please email or call (559) 248-8480 ext. 216 for assistance.
Weekend Programs For All Ages!
Looking for a fun family-friendly outdoor activity for the weekend? Look no further! The River Parkway Trust offers weekend programs for pre-K through high-school aged youth as well as family-friendly events throughout the year. 
Cycles of Nature Walk to Owl Hollow
Saturday, March 12 - 9:00 am
Join us for this free family-friendly nature walk from the River Center to nearby Owl Hollow!

The focus of the walk will be natural cycles, which are critical to life on earth. Understanding these cycles and how they interact is key to understanding our impact on the earth's ecological systems.
NEW River Center Art Gallery Installation
Available through April 24th
This exhibit is feature is a collection of fine art photography from the Spectrum Art Gallery and the woodwork of Erik Christian Brengelman. Be one of the first to see this exhibit!

The Ranch House is open Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am - 3 pm, where this exhibit will be available for viewing until April 24. 
Parties on the Parkway tickets are available now!
It's Party Time! In 2022 the River Parkway Trust will celebrate 30 years of memorable events with an updated program that includes FOUR incredible Parties this year.
U-Pick Citrus Season at Sumner Peck Ranch!
Open Friday - Monday, 8:30 am - 4 pm through April 15, 2022
Come take a stroll up and down the orchard and enjoy picking navel oranges, blood oranges, pomelos, Minneola tangelos, mandarins, and lemons all at $1 per pound.