Reopening The Church (Buildings)

“Closed,” the sign said. After this I looked, and behold, I didn’t need the sign to tell me that. I was facing the door, the door was obviously closed and I knew I wasn't going to be able to just walk through it. It would be a silly thing to try. The door would need to be opened first. Not rocket science. Pretty basic stuff. This is how it’s been with every door I’ve ever faced in my entire life.

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You are invited to an organ and flute concert by Trey and Ella Fairbairn on Saturday, July 18 at 1:00 pm in the Sanctuary.
Quest/Horizon 2020 LIVE is a denominational online live event for our youth. All youth will meet at the church on Wednesday, July 8 at 5:00 pm to head to Edgemoor ARP to participate in this event!


This event is for our Juniors and Seniors who missed their prom. There will be dinner, dancing and pictures!
Senior Recognition Sunday
Tailgating, Lunch and Parade!!
Our seniors and their families will be bringing their own lunches and tailgating in our Family Life Center parking lot at 1:00 pm. Our church family will be parading by our seniors to show support and recognize their accomplishments at 2:00 pm. The parade starts at 2:00 pm. Cars will pull through the Family Life Center parking lot with the flow of traffic heading into and through our cemetery. Our seniors will be positioned under the church bus awning. Any gifts may be directed to Josh Valentine for distribution to our seniors.
The church staff would like to remind you that although the church office is closed to the public we are still here for phone calls and emails. A few tips to follow to insure that things go smoothly during these unprecedented times are:

  1. It would be most helpful if you have a request for placing an event on the calendar or you need a check request or anything from the church staff to please send an email to the church office at This will create a written record of your request.
  2. If you need an address or have a question about anything please call the church office for assistance.
  3.  We would also like to thank everyone who has dropped off their weekly, bi monthly or monthly tithes to the church. Please remember that you can place your tithe in an envelope and drop it off at the mailbox outside, the black drop off box in the church door or mail it to the church. Please remember to put your tithing envelope number on your check. This is very helpful for the staff for record keeping purposes and is very much appreciated.
Click here to visit the online church calendar for July. This will let you know about all the happenings in the life of the church.
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