June 2018
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On May 7, 2018, our friends to the south of us, the Highlands County Sheriff's Office, endured the tragic loss of one of their own...Deputy Sheriff William Gentry, Jr.  His murder came just one week before National Police Week, a time that many Americans take to remember the many law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.
Deputy Gentry's death is a sad reminder of not just how dangerous the job as a law enforcement officer can be, but also a reminder to everyone about the dedication all law enforcement officers have to the people they have sworn to protect. Every officer, deputy, trooper, and agent knows that there is a chance that when they leave home for work, they might never return. 
The deputies who serve Polk County are proud to serve you, and they take annual training to ensure that they provide the best customer service to you. They see people at their worst, children when they're hurt, work in horrible weather conditions, and often times they are required to make split-second life-or-death decisions. Our detention deputies walk the halls of the jails every day, monitoring the worst of the worst offenders, ensuring their safety and security, regardless of the crimes those suspects have committed.
I am proud of the work they do, and I hope that you are too. 
In this month's Cyber Star, you will see the pictures and names of recipients of awards, medals, and recognition for the work they did in 2017, which was celebrated at our annual awards ceremony, on May 17th of this year.

Grady Judd, Sheriff 
Members of the Year

Congratulations to the following agency members who were nominated for and who were named Member of the Year 2017:

Barbara Woodruff  
Volunteer of the Year  
In 2017, Barbara logged a total of 269 days of service...a total of 2,530 hours volunteered. In total, she has volunteered 13,250 hours to the Sheriff's Office. She can almost always be found in the city of Eagle Lake.  

Eddie Hurn  
Reserve Deputy Sheriff of the Year
In 2017, Reserve Deputy Hurn logged 665 hours of volunteer service hours for the Sheriff's Office. He handled 67 calls for service while providing back-up on another 328 calls.

Corey Edmundson
Civilian of the Year and Life Saving Medal recipient
Corey found a woman unresponsive and performed life-saving measures.

Robin Jenkins
Runner-up for Civilian of the Year, and Meritorious Service Medal recipient
Robin always strives to take her job as Communications Editor to the next level. She has materially contributed to the success and public image of the Sheriff's Office through her artistic talent and tremendous productivity. 

William "Bill" Thomas
Runner-up for Civilian of the Year and Meritorious Service Medal recipient
Bill Thomas coordinated with FDLE to receive three new live scan machines for Central Booking, then worked to get the same machines for the Juvenile Assessment Center, which saved the agencies $8,000, plus an addition $100,000 in maintenance and support fees through the warranty

Detention Deputy Robert Williams, Jr.
Detention Deputy of the Year, Medal of Valor, and Life Saving Medal recipient 
Detention Deputy Williams tried to stop an inmate from harming himself, and the inmate attacked him. Williams won the fight, and saved the man's life.

Detention Deputy Daniel Bennett 
Runner-up for Detention Deputy of the Year, Medal of Valor, and Life Saving Medal recipient  
When an inmate began slashing his own throat with a sharp object,Detention Deputy Daniel Bennett ran over, and disarmed the man, then performed life-saving measures on him.

Detention Deputy Hiram Brito
Runner-up for Detention Deputy of the Year
Deputy Brito chased a man who was attempting to escape from the courthouse, down four floors, and took him into custody.

Master Deputy Matthew Dennis
Deputy Sheriff of the Year, Medal of Valor, and Life Saving Medal recipients
Master Deputy Dennis fought off two pitbull dogs who viciously attacked a Lakeland Electric employee, and gave the woman basic first-aid until Polk Fire Rescue arrived. 

 Deputy Mark Smith
Runner-up for Deputy Sheriff of the Year and Life Saving Medal recipient
Deputy Smith talked a suicidal man in crisis off of an overpass.

Master Deputy Chris Dunn
Runner-up for Deputy Sheriff of the Year and Life Saving Medal recipient 
Master Deputy Dunn saved a man's life with his AED.

Medals of Valor
Medals of Valor are presented to the member who displays bravery or heroism above and beyond the call of duty. This conduct shall occur in life-saving, life-protecting situations for the members placed at risk. The act must demonstrate professional judgement which does not jeopardize the mission.

Lt. Harry Seymour, III
Detective Sean Ryan
Detective Robert Scott, Jr.

Sgt. Chris Lynn

Deputy Jonathan "JJ" Quintana

Deputy Clayton Coquyt
Deputy Clint Wofford

Master Deputy Matthew Dennis

Detention Deputy Daniel Bennett

Detention Deputy Robert Williams, Jr.
Meritorious Service Medals
Recipients of Meritorious Service Medals shall have distinguished themselves by performing exceptional service in a duty of great responsibility of critical importance to the Sheriff's Office. This is measured by contributing materially to the success of field or administrative operational goals. Guidelines for nominations are: substantial cost saving, increased efficiency, increased effectiveness, enhanced public image, improved safety of members, or technical innovation. 

Deputy Adam Raulerson

Master Deputy Carrie Powers

Sgt. Michael Van Camp
Detective Keith Hubbard
Detective Sean Ryan

Major Loyd Stewart
Captain Jerry Connolly (Retired)
Captain Richard "Bart" Davis
Lt. David Bright
Lt. Eric Rauch (Retired)
Sgt. Travis Avery

Lt. Eric Rauch (Retired)
Sgt. Craig Powers
Sgt. Larry Traylor
Master Detention Deputy Pedro O'Farrill
Master Detention Deputy Joseph Hersey
Master Deputy Carrie Powers
Deputy Keith Carotsole

William "Bill" Thomas

Robin Jenkins

Life Saving Medals
Life Saving Medals are presented to the member who displays bravery or courage above and beyond the call of duty. The member's immediate or alert action is directly responsible for sustaining or saving a human life, or removing a person from immediate danger when such danger would have taken the person's life. This is a life-saving, life-protecting situation which does not put the rescuing member's life in danger. Subsequent death of an individual after release to medical personnel shall not preclude awarding this medal. 

Deputy Luis Ramos
Deputy Rebecca Stout

Master Deputy Glenda Eichholtz

Deputy Glennon Adcock
Deputy Christopher Dudley
Deputy Allan Kush
Deputy Natalie Oestreich
Master Deputy Johnathan Montalbano

Lt. Kenny Hill
Sgt. Mike Evans
Deputy Joshua Chaves
Deputy Lee Smith

Deputy David Griffin
Deputy Toni Pichardo

Detention Deputy Daniel Bennett
Detention Deputy Timothy Ephriam
Detention Deputy Austin Ferrell
Detention Deputy Alexander Gonzalez-Diaz
Detention Deputy Zachary Johnson
Detention Deputy Christian Labaarca-Palma
Detention Deputy Greg Rieger
Detention Deputy Christopher Singleton

Lt. Gary Casini
Master Detention Deputy William Chastain
Detention Deputy Elvis Guerrero
Detention Deputy Ronald Hensley

Detention Deputy Robert Collins
Detention Deputy Gerald Shepherd

Master Deputy Matthew Dennis

Master Deputy Christopher Dunn

Corey Edmundson

Deputy Mark Smith

Detention Deputy Robert Williams, Jr.

Marshall Anderson Award

A member who distinguishes themselves by their undaunted determination to overcome personal adversities and strive for proficiency and excellence in their daily lives and in the performance of their job duties. 


Tylonda Sanders

Special Recognition by Other Organizations

Presidents' Roundtable

Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Quintana - Deputy Sheriff of the Year 
Sgt. Michael Van Camp and Detective Sean Ryan - Distinguished Service Award 

American Legion Post 8

Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Quintana  - Deputy Sheriff of the Year
Explorer Daniel Giles - Explorer of the Year
Telecommunicator III Michael Lee  - Dispatcher of the Year 
Detention Deputy Daniel Bennett - Detention Deputy of the Year

Polk County Police Chiefs Association
Detention Deputy Robert Williams, Jr.  -  Officer of the Year 
Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Quintana - Distinguished Service Award  

Knights of Columbus
Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Quintana - First Responder of the Year

State Attorney's Office
Detective Tonya Wright - Outstanding Service

Deputy David Cranor & K-9 Zorro - K-9 DiOGi Hero of the Year

Sons of the American Revolution
Lt. Harry Seymour III, Detective Robert Scott, and Detective Sean Ryan - Deputy Sheriffs of the Year

Florida Sheriffs Association
Detention Deputy Robert Williams, Jr.  - Correctional Officer of the Year

Florida Missing Children's Day
Deputy Jacob Durrance and K-9 Chase - Jimmy Ryce K-9 Trailing Team of the Year

Sgt. Robert Kirkpatrick, Sgt. Joseph Makal, Deputy Jeffrey Bradford, Detective Robert Mateo, and Detective Maria Valdez - Task Force/Team of the Year

Keep Polk County Beautiful
Deputy Carlton Turner - Top Environmental Steward Award

Woodmen Life
Deputy Mark Smith - Lifesaving Award

ASIS International, Florida West Coast Chapter
Deputy Jonathan Quintana - Meritorious Service Award


Congratulations to all!
Sheriff Grady Judd

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