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May 2018
Dear Friend,
Fifty-six years ago, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed that National Peace Officers Memorial Day was to be observed every May 15th. The week that envelops May 15th is to also be known as National Police Week. 
It is during this time that we recognize the sacrifices made, and remember the law enforcement officers who have made those sacrifices while carrying out their duties of protecting and serving others. 
Locally, the Polk County Peace Officers'  Memorial honors 33 fallen law enforcement officers. The memorial sits off of Lake Beulah Drive, just west of the RP Funding Center (formerly the Lakeland Center).
Two other sites to mention include the FOP Law Enforcement Memorial in Tallahassee, and the National Law Enforcement 
Officers Memorial in Washington D.C. 
For family, friends, and colleagues of fallen officers, these sites are an overwhelming heartfelt experience. I recommend for anyone, with or without a close connection to law enforcement, to visit one of these sites. or better yet, one of the memorial services that are held at these locations each year. 
Polk County is a wonderful community that has been outspoken with their support for the law enforcement officers who serve them.

Never forget that the law enforcement officers who serve the people of Polk County appreciate the support, and will always be there to answer the call. And never forget the 33 men who have paid the ultimate sacrifice during their service.

Grady Judd, Sheriff 

National Police Week is observed in May

National Peace Officers Day is each year on May 15th, and National Police Week is honored annually during the week that May 15th falls on.
Victim of scam using Western Union?

If you lost money to a scammer who had you pay money using Western Union between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017, you can now file a claim with the FTC to get your money back.
CLICK HERE  and file before May 31, 2018.
For years, many people who lost money to scams sent their payment through a Western Union wire transfer. Scammers contacted people and promised prizes, loans, jobs, discounted products  or other financial rewards in exchange for money upfront. They also pretended to be family members in need of cash or law enforcement officers demanding payment. The scammers told people to send money through Western Union. No one received the cash, prizes or services they were promised.
Because of joint investigations by the FTC, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the U. S. Postal Inspection Service, Western Union agreed to pay $586 million and admitted to aiding and abetting wire fraud. DOJ is now using that money to provide refunds to people who were tricked into using Western Union to pay scammers.
Are you prepaired if you get in a crash?
If you are involved in a minor fender-bender with no injuries, you can do a simple exchange of driver information, but make sure you get everything. You'll need the other driver's name as it appears on their license, address, phone number (perhaps and email address), insurance company & policy number, and license plate number. If you have a camera, be sure to take photos. Witness information is a plus. More severe crashes will require law enforcement, so make sure you have your license, registration, and insurance information available. If there is no serious injury, please move the vehicles off of the roadway.
Never miss a Sheriff Judd news conference
There are 555 reasons to LIKE & FOLLOW the Polk County Sheriff's Office on Facebook. That means there are more reasons than there are lakes in Polk County (we have 554 lakes here). One of the reasons is that you get notified when Sheriff Grady Judd is addressing the media on major Polk County news. 
Why make a crook's life easier?
Most car burglaries in Polk County are committed by thieves walking from car-to-car flipping door handles to see what is unlocked. Occasionally, thieves will break a window, but usually it's because they spotted something valuable inside the car. The best way to prevent becoming a victim-remove (or at least hide) your valuables and lock your cars.
Gun Safety
If you own a gun, know how to use it, and how to secure it. Practice with it, and make sure your children know that they should not touch one without a responsible adult present. A disturbing problem that seems to be happening often is thefts of loaded firearms which were left in unlocked vehicles. As a gun owner, you are required to keep loaded guns locked away from children. 
Be informed in your community
The Polk County Sheriff's Office is available on several social media sites with the goal to help keep you informed on crimes, scams, events, and more. One of the sites where you can find us is Nextdoor. The site is arranged by neighborhoods, allowing people in your neighborhood to alert other residents about important information. Plus, the Polk County Sheriff's Office is able to send neighborhood-specific information about important details regarding things such as crime trends, missing children, or suspicious incidents.

Judd Jog 2018

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Judd Jog. Together, we were able to raise $8,868.29 for United Way. A total of 365 people participated in the annual event. 
Sheriff Grady Judd

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