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A Good Day for Public Safety
After a two-year investigation by RAVEN, the Regional Anti-Violence Enforcement Network, a Denver grand jury indicted 10 individuals on 114 felony counts ranging from violating Colorado’s Organized Crime Control Act, conspiracy to commit murder and assault to illegal discharge of a firearm. We believe these individuals are responsible for 14 separate incidents involving 47 victims in the Denver-metropolitan area – most of them drive-by shootings of rival gang members. According to the indictment, the individuals were all members of a criminal street gang that identified itself as “FBP” (Few But Plenty).
This indictment demonstrates our commitment to working with local and federal law enforcement partners to combat violent crime aggressively within our city. It is a reminder to all of us that public safety does not fall on one agency but instead is strongest when we collaborate to find solutions. I want to recognize the commitment and diligence of the members of the RAVEN task force and those in our office who worked relentlessly to put these cases together. 

Another Grand Jury Indictment
With the concerning rise in motor vehicle thefts throughout the Denver-metro area, we are pleased to announce that in May we charged 11 people with operating an organized crime ring and stealing at least 130 motor vehicles. In total, they allegedly stole more than $3 million in vehicles, firearms and other property to support their methamphetamine, heroin and fentanyl habits.
A Denver grand jury indicted the individuals on 74 counts for their alleged crimes occurring February through
May of 2022.

Special thanks to the Colorado Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force (CMATT) that provided the oversight and leadership to make this indictment possible.

Learn more about this indictment here.
Legislative Update 2022
DA McCann testified in support of Colorado’s fentanyl bill which is now law. Prosecutors now have new tools for combatting the fentanyl crisis. The law increases the charge of possession of 1- 4 grams of fentanyl from a misdemeanor to a felony. It adds a new charge of distribution resulting in death and increases penalties for distribution and sale of fentanyl. Most importantly, the bill includes millions of dollars in support for drug treatment programs, education, distribution of Narcan and fentanyl test strips (that indicate the presence of fentanyl) and other programs designed to reduce dependence on and use of this deadly substance.
Governor Polis Signs HB22-1326 into law on May 25, 2022
We also supported a new law that criminalizes sexual assault when a victim has not provided consent. The new language, which includes the word “consent”, makes it easier for a jury to determine that an event was sexual assault. The governor signed this bipartisan bill in May.

Crime victim service organizations suffered severe funding losses during the last few years which is why we are delighted that a new bill establishing a victim services fund was also signed by the governor in May. SB22-183 reallocates $35 million in federal aid to fund services for crime victims and appropriates $6 million for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. 
Robert Feldman: Guilty
Stacy Feldman was found dead in her bathtub on March 1, 2015. At the time, the cause and manner of her death was ruled undetermined. The incident was not treated as a crime until three years later when a woman came forward to report that just before Stacy was killed, she told Stacy she was having an affair with Stacy’s husband, Robert Feldman.
Further investigation revealed Stacy died by strangulation, a form of asphyxia due to external pressure on the neck. Because strangulation leaves no defining visible marks it is difficult to prove as cause of death. However, with the assistance of Dr. Bill Smock, who was the strangulation expert on the Derek Chauvin case, our prosecutors were able to prove Stacy was strangled.
"Despite his creative efforts to evade justice, today Robert Feldman was found guilty of murdering his wife, Stacy Feldman"

-DA Beth McCann
Assistant District Attorney Maggie Conboy began her opening argument by saying, "Robert Feldman almost got away with murder." However, despite his creative efforts to evade justice, seven years after Stacy’s murder, the jury found Robert Feldman guilty of first-degree murder and he was immediately sentenced to life in prison. 

Read the Denver Post story here.
New Digital Evidence Unit
Now, nearly every crime has some piece of digital evidence useful to an investigation. The rapid changes and proliferation of digital devices and cybercrimes led DA McCann to launch the Digital Evidence Unit, taking the office into the new frontier of crime fighting. The unit is dedicated to the development, use, support, and management of digital evidence within our office.
The Unit works in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies and task forces to ensure that our deputies and investigators, as well as our law enforcement partners, are provided with training, legal assistance, and investigative support in the collection and use of digital evidence. Our office is the only district attorneys’ office in Colorado to have this type of dedicated unit and one of only a handful in the country.
Norm Early; A Giant Laid to Rest
Denver lost a prosecutorial giant when District Attorney Norm Early died on May 5. Early was Colorado’s first Black elected District Attorney from 1983 – 1993. He was a nationally-recognized leader in advocating for Black lawyers to become prosecutors. He helped found the Sam Cary Bar Association and helped establish the National Black Prosecutors Association. Norm was a leader in understanding the importance of supporting and honoring victims of crime and led the effort to pass the 1993 Colorado Victims' Rights Act. He was also a much-loved father, husband, and great friend to many in the Denver area.
Norm Early, center, with Denver District Attorney's Office staff at the 2019 Black Prosecutors Conference
April Awareness: Support for Victims
On the first Wednesday of April, members of our office and other civic and community leaders commemorated Sexual Assault Awareness Month by participating in the global Start By Believing Campaign. DA McCann said, “If you tell us you were sexually assaulted, we will start by believing you. We will bring people to justice.”  
We wore denim to support victims of sexual assault on Denim Day
Memorial Sign Program
We hope you’ve noticed the "Please Drive Safely” signs around Denver. Our office collaborates with the City & County of Denver to place these signs at the sites of fatal car accidents. The signs help prevent traffic fatalities by raising awareness about the dangers of driving recklessly or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Most importantly, the Memorial Signs honor the victims who have lost their lives.  
Family members of victims of fatal automobile accidents may request a Memorial Sign from our office.