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Meet the Chair of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Constituency
The Deaf/Hard of Hearing Committee is focused on the language acquisition and communication development of learners who are deaf or hard of hearing. 
Since the 2018 CEC conference, more than fifty D/HH constituency members have joined together to discuss topics that are specific to this learner population. 
In addition to sharing in a professional exchange of information, our intent is to develop ‘talking points’ about the impact that varying degrees of hearing could have on equal access to education. We are interested in adding members to our group and hosting member ideas and projects.
Anna has a spring in her step!
Tip: Her name is pronounced Onna.

In the past year, the monthly constituency messages have focused on sharing members’ professional resources in order to improve outcomes for learners who are deaf/hard of hearing. We strongly encourage members who are conducting and publishing research, have identified or developed relevant resources, or simply have a successful professional tip in their toolbox to contribute to our monthly messages.

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Ask Anna to add you to the D/HH SLACK Discussion.
Anna sprang into action for the DCDD Committee on
Deaf/Hard of Hearing.
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Some inside scoop-
currently is the Coordinator of Educational Advancements and Partnerships for the Commission of Deaf, DeafBlind, & Hard of Hearing Minnesotans. 
Previously, she was an instructor at the University of Minnesota.  
Anna has been a board member of DCDD since 2017. 
She is a co-author of the CEC: DCDD position paper titled, “Teachers of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: A Critical Resources Need for Legal Compliance.”

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Now that you know Anna, feel free to use these links to become a member of CEC and DCDD. Then, if you would like to
join the DCDD Committee on Deaf/Hard of Hearing,
contact Anna here .

The DCDD Executive Board

President, Suzanne Raschke
President Elect, Caron Mellblom-Nishioka
Past President, Rebecca Jackson
Treasurer, Stan Dublinske
Secretary, David Conway
Committee for Severe and Multiple Disabilities, Susan Bruce
Committee for Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers, Debra Lively
Committee for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Anna Paulson
Committee for Speech, Language Learning Disabilities, Diane Paul
Ad Hoc Committee on Knowledge and Skills, Kevin Miller
Committee on Membership, Mary Gavin
Online Communications Committee, Mari MacFarland

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