We enter Gate 44, Line 3 at 12:06 UT today, November 1, 2016.
Gate 44
Coming to Meet
Gate of Alertness
The Personnel Manager

The success of any interaction is based on the absence of any preconditions. Instinctive memory and alertness that can manage and mold the collective.

Right Angle Cross of the Four Ways 3
Godhead - Minerva

Line 3 - Interference

The failure to interact based on circumstances.


Exaltation: The ability to recognize the threat of interference and to prepare for its effects. The alertness and instinct to handle the ego of others.


Detriment: A deluded response to interference that gets stuck in projection and as a result is unrealistic in appraisal and error prone. The possibility that the instinct cannot handle the ego of others.
Quarter of Duality, the Realm of Jupiter
Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Bonding
Mystical Theme: Measure for Measure

Gate 28 < Gate 44 > Gate 1

This Gate is part of the Channel of Surrender, A Design of a Transmitter, linking the Splenic Center (Gate 44) with the Ego Center (Gate 26). Gate 44 is part of the Tribal (Ego) Circuit with the keynote of support.

Gate 44 is the gate of memory; it remembers the patterns for living that have successfully provided for our material needs. This memory is an integral and consistently trustworthy part of our survival intelligence as a species. We are instinctually alert in every moment for the correct spontaneous relationship or interaction that can move a potential to the level of a possibility. What we remember or transmit shapes the Tribes' material orientation, and eventually strengthens its ego presence and power in the world. We control the way Gate 26 is going to act in terms of selling, defending or fighting for the tribe. This is where tribal propaganda can be found. We help the Tribe to allay its fears of the past by remembering that a starving child is not a healthy child, and that material security and health go hand in hand. The Spleen is not a motor, so once our awareness is recognized and valued by the Tribe, we will look to the willpower of Gate 26 to act on it. In this way, whatever transformation we instinctively know the Tribe needs to ensure its survival becomes a reality.

Without Gate 26 we are prone to unnecessarily exaggerate by over-committing and making promises we cannot keep. What we fear most is that baggage from the past might catch up with us.

The Daily View reflects the impact the Sun (70% of the neutrino influence) is having on humanity as it moves through the Gates and Lines of the Mandala.  Transits are potentials that you can witness in others and the world around you, and, if correct for you, as you follow your individual Strategy and Authority, may become a part of your experience as well.

Please refer to The Definitive Book of Human Design for more detail and information.

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