Cup of Empowerment
September 24, 2018
It feels so good to sit back,  catch our breath and  savor a cup of empowerment   fro God's Word



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The Dance of Life
Dr. CarolMarie

Once I was invited to a high dollar fundraiser featuring a live band performing on a beautiful dance floor!  I was to represent the business for which I worked at the time and was excited I was chosen.  My escort was a professional dancer that knew how to lead wonderfully.  As I warned him I hadn't been trained in ballroom dance, he reassured me that if I let him lead I would be alright.  Sure enough as we danced, his firm hand on my back guided me across the floor.  I looked like I knew what I was doing but, I was just letting him lead!

God is calling us up higher!  There is a rhythm in the Spirit He wants us to align with!  Do you hear it?  Do you feel it?  All creation senses His rhythm.  There is a time or timing for everything under the sun!  It's important not to miss our time, our opportunity!  Jesus said, "If you have ears to hear, let them hear!"  Tune into His frequency, His timing! 

When Anna's Gate did weekly radio broadcasts, to hear us, you needed to tune into the frequency we were on.  If you did not or at the time we were calling out to you, you would miss us for it was our appointed time! In the same way, we all need our antennas out to hear God's call of love to us!  Set time aside just to align with Him!

The woman with the "issue of blood" in Matthew 9:20 chose to align with her appointment when Jesus passed by!  She aligned with His rhythm, the frequency of life and health thus she was healed!  She set all aside that would discourage or distract her to get what she needed!

Another widow needing a miracle and in financial need cried out to the man of God (2 Kings 4)!  Something stirred her spirit through what the prophet told her.  She knew to obey when she was told to pour what she had into others' vessels. She gave even though she felt she had nothing but just a container of oil.  The provision continued as long as there was the capacity to receive!  She got into the flow that moved her into provision through obeying the Word.  As she obeyed, she harmonized with God's frequency of provision! The flow became stronger as she gave in line with His rhythm!  His song paid off her debts and gave her provision to live on! 
God's frequencies of life are flowing through you!  What is your song?
What do you have that God can breathe on?  What seeds of destiny are within you?  What needs of others stir you?  You may hold their answer!  It's time for your seeds of "gifting" to be stirred and activated!  As you flow with Him to help others they will grow!

It's been stated that the early morning song of the birds release a frequency to which the plants respond.  Their song causes the plants to grow!  How much more as we hear the sound of the Lord we will grow!  Adam and Eve heard the sound of the Lord's presence in the garden!  As they walked in the sound, they grew!  When they hid they missed the rhythm they so desperately needed to be in sync!

Dis-obedience is simply not obeying!  It's choosing to not respond to His song where life abounds!  You don't have to know how to dance.  Just listen for His rhythm and let Him lead!


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