The ‘danger zone’ often refers to visibility around mobile equipment -- that area where the operator may not be able to see objects or people -- but every job has a danger zone. Where are the danger zones in your workplace?
Today’s danger zone may be different than yesterday’s
It had been raining hard at the landfill site where Greg Dawes worked as a labourer. He was on foot, spotting for a bulldozer in 6-inch deep squelching mud. In those conditions, the danger zone for that machine would have been larger than usual, to reflect the challenges of visibility and of moving around the site. Greg’s sister Sandy will never know whether Greg or the bulldozer driver were trained on the equipment’s hazards, because Greg slipped in the mud, fell and was crushed that day. Decades later, Sandy is still plagued by questions. Her brother’s story reminds workers that day-to-day conditions can make the hazards of vehicles and equipment more serious. Share and discuss this story at your next safety meeting.
Providing support across the miles
Threads of Life families will still be coming together this fall, even though COVID-19 is keeping them apart physically. Family Forums are the annual events where Threads of Life members gather to meet, share, and learn new coping skills. This summer we made the tough decision to cancel our in-person Family Forums because of the challenges and restrictions on travel and meetings. Instead, we’re holding our first National Virtual Family Forum, with online sessions offered over five weeks in October and November. Profound thanks go to the loyal sponsors of this event -- your sponsorship will allow many new and current Threads of Life members to continue receiving support and walking down their path of healing.
WSIB: A friend indeed (and in deed!)
As partners, volunteers and friends of Threads of Life, all of you make such a difference, daily, in the lives of people struggling in the aftermath of a work-related tragedy. One of Threads of Life’s longest partnerships is with Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. The WSIB supported Threads of Life before it was even created, and continues to make our work possible through funding, volunteering, and spreading the word. Thank you to everyone at WSIB for your friendship over the years.
On the blog
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