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The current online and app dating scene is filled with millions of people looking for a connection.

As novel as dating apps and online profiles are, they come with a dark side.  They have become a favorite to predators, and there has been a steady rise in sexual and violent assaults reported by their users. 

Online dating is a risk that many are willing to take, without putting much thought into it.   But how can we know that they are who they say they are based on a photo and a few lines of text?
Maybe we should be more cautious, as t he rates of date assault has consistently risen each year, perhaps aided by the use of online dating sites and dating apps. 

The most commonly attacked group are women from the age of 18 to 24 years old, but it can happen to anyone.   The rate of crimes of sexual violence against men has also risen along with the use of casual dating apps.  
Taking the necessary precautions could save you from becoming a victim of casual date assault.

Never invite someone you're meeting for the first few times to your home, and don't go to their living space.  Public spaces where there are people around are safer.

Always tell a friend or family member about your plans for your first few dates.  Let them know where you will be, and what time, and plan a check-in phone call so that if you need to leave early you have a way out.  If your location changes, send them a text and let them know where you are headed. 

Never get into a vehicle with someone that you aren't 100% sure you trust.
We offer services to help you prevent becoming a date predator's victim.  Allow our experienced investigators do the due diligence and background research on your date, so you can have peace of mind.  Contact our office today at 604-922-6572.