May 2016

Recently, we placed a story about our client the Quonset Business Park in The New York Times.  This is great national coverage for a real Rhode Island success story, but for us it raises the question "What Next?" Our answer: amplify the coverage to make sure as many people as possible read the story, and hear Quonset's message of job creation and business opportunity.

How do we do that?  Take a look at this month's blog entry to see all the different ways that we make the most of the day after The New York Times.


Two Bites at the Content Apple
Last Fall our client the former Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island merged with the Cape Cod-based entity HopeHealth.  We worked with them to earn as much coverage as possible, including mentions in the Boston Globe and a lengthy interview with the company's CEO Diana Franchitto on the well-regarded interview show, WPRI's Executive Suite.

In January, the merger was complete.  While the new entity took the HopeHealth name, Franchitto remained as CEO and the headquarters stayed in Providence.  We went right back to work - this time, securing some excellent coverage for the name change - and the merger - with interviews on NBC 10's "Business Lunch", Rhode Island Public Radio and other places.

More Content:  Making the Case With Compelling Graphics
This story on highlights how Bloomberg puts their 20-person graphics team to work explaining and clarifying the news.

There's no question good graphics are good content.  For example - on page 6 of this presentation, our client Spectra Energy makes it clear in one graphic why New England needs to increase the region's supply of natural gas.  It's one thing to say "When the weather gets cold, the inability to get enough natural gas to the region forces power plants to burn more oil, and even coal."  It's another thing to see it, like you do here on the slide "New England Shifts to Coal and Oil in the Winter".

Nice Ink!

I had the chance to join the ranks of the pundits with an appeal to my fellow citizens to get out and vote on Primary Day, which was April 26th here in Rhode Island.  Check it out here on the WPRI website.
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