9 June 2020
Teaching Future Teachers

Greetings from Mr. Gault

On Wednesday, 3 June student teachers and their professors from Molloy College presented virtual online lessons to all grades of The De La Salle School.  Guided by faculty advisor Dr. Kevin Sheehan the student teachers taught their first wonderful and well-planned lessons to our students.  Student teaching can be nerve wracking at the best of times, but having to teach your first group of students virtually is even more challenging.  Congratulations to the Molloy students for a job well done and sincere thanks to Dr. Sheehan and the Molloy Education Department for their continued commitment to the students of The De La Salle School.
Ms. Christina Buttigieg reported that the students from Molloy College joined her sixth-grade class teaching a lesson in perseverance and the power of believing in oneself. The class started with a song from the movie "Trolls," Get Back Up Again as a rallying cry of what each student can and must do.  They also read the story Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty - a wonderful story and lesson for our students reflecting on the theme of perseverance in spite of challenges.  The lesson emphasized how other people, as well as oneself, can see a lack of success as a failure rather than realizing that it is only the first step to achieving our goals.  One can only fail when we quit!  The students were asked to come up with their own mantra of how they will succeed.  One student said, "I will try again", another, "A little more, a little more, a little more."  Our students embody the idea that they can accomplish anything with faith in themselves and God.
Mr. Donodeo reported that for the 8th grade students the focus of the class was appreciating and accepting differences in all people and combining those differences to achieve specific goals.  The class was supplemented by video clips from the movie "The Fantastic Four," as well as a story and historical comparison with Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.  There was an excellent interaction and exchange of thoughts and ideas between The De La Salle students and Molloy student teachers and professors. Overall, it was a completely valuable and worthwhile experience for everyone involved.
The pandemic has certainly had an effect on education and has presented many challenges for educators on all levels.  The work and collaboration expressed here illustrates what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication.  Many thanks to all of the faculty and staff of The De La Salle School who not only continued to educate our students without interruption but who also found new, unique, and exciting ways to challenge the young men that God has entrusted to our care.  The mission of The De La Salle School is ALIVE, VIBRANT and STRONGER than ever.

Saint John Baptist De La Salle.......Pray for us.
San Miguel......Pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts......FOREVER!!!
William Gault
Executive Director


Graduation Car Parade - Class of 2020

JUNE 12 AT 6:00 PM
(South Ocean Avenue Entrance)
      Graduates and their families will be standing around the perimeter of the De La Salle School parking lot, social distancing, for families to be able to drive by each graduate and their immediate family.
      We are inviting our De La Salle School Community to drive through our school parking lot to wave, ring a bell, holler at our graduates, make signs, and decorate your cars, to celebrate the Class of 2020 and give them a memorable evening they will never forget! 

Student Announcements
The Gentleman of The Week
The Gentleman of The Week is Gary, Grade 5

The Writer of The Week
The Writer of The Week is Brayan, Grade 8

The Artist of The Week
The Artist of The Week is Danny, Grade 8

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