Bolt-on deals for hospitals continue. Providers are dealing with post-Covid realities, both Kaufman Hall and VMG see more activity ahead.
Digital Health continues to be red hot. IPOs are up, funding rounds are closing; here's a closer look at the market at mid-year. Everyone wants to be close to the digital health startup community, which is why Mayo has partnered with ASU to create a fledgling accelerator , just like so many other strategic corporates.
SOURCE : , an IPO news and data service that predicts the opening-day performances of IPOs
SPACs are getting a great deal of attention in all industries, right now current conversation focuses on what will be the largest multi-industry SPAC IPO - Pershing Square Tontine Holdings due to go public this week. Therapeutics Acquisition has gotten far less attention but is run by well respected biotech leaders.
The Need-To-Knows About IPOs
In this episode of DirectorCorps' Looking Ahead , Kathleen Smith, co-founder, Renaissance Capital, talks about how investors uncover and profit from Initial Public Offerings. In addition, David Wicks, Vice President, Nasdaq, talks about at the pros and cons of moving from a private company to a public one.