Volume 8 / Issue 12 | December 2021
The Apologetics Newsletter
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
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Did Jesus descend into hell? ... The Holy Spirit as Creator ... The Trinity and salvation ... High Street Press to welcome new authors ... and more!
Did Jesus descend into hell? (Part 1)
One of the more puzzling questions about the redemptive work of Jesus is where his soul went between death and resurrection. The Gospel writers confirm that Jesus' body was placed in a tomb for burial, and remained there until the resurrection. But what about the immaterial part of Jesus -- namely, his soul / spirit?

The Holy Spirit as Creator
If the Bible reveals the Father and Son as co-creators of everything, what role does the Holy Spirit play? Is He an instrument of creation -- an impersonal force like the noonday sun hardening clay, or like wind stirring up waves on the water? Quite the contrary. The Spirit is a personal, almighty person who puts His shoulder into the work of creation along with the Father and the Son.

Did Jesus descend into hell? (Part 2)
In this post, we briefly examine five New Testament passages that in some way touch on the matter of where Jesus went between his death and resurrection. The most biblically faithful view is that Jesus neither went to Gehenna (hell) nor to Hades (the abode of the dead) but to heaven after his death on the cross.

The Trinity and salvation
The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus is our Savior. And yet, as in the Trinity's work of creation, no single member of the Godhead acts alone. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all play complementary roles in saving us from sin and restoring our relationship with God.

High Street Press to welcome new authors
High Street Press is the publishing imprint of the Missouri Baptist Convention and is devoted to producing biblically faithful resources for personal or group study. Books focus on culturally relevant topics such as same-sex attraction and explore crucial doctrinal themes such as the Trinity and salvation. Beginning in January, High Street Press launches a web portal enabling prospective authors to submit their manuscripts.

Watch highstreet.press for more details.

From High Street Press:
What Every Christian Should Know about Satan
Was Satan once an anointed cherub -- God's prime minister of the universe? When and how did he become the father of lies, tempter, accuser, and adversary?

What Every Christian Should Know about Satan explores more than a dozen biblical names and titles that reveal the evil one's character, tactics, and ultimate destiny in hell.

This new resource from High Street Press is now available in print and e-book formats.

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