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may benefit as well!
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You may use the Remind app to text parents valuable dates and times for church events, but have you thought of using it as a tool for faith formation? If you are not familiar with the Remind app, you can download it on your desktop and phone. You insert all the cell numbers that you have for your ministry families. I would recommend entering them as grade levels so you can text information specific to one grade. You can use the app for free or pay for upgrades.
I would like to challenge you to use the app to send home the Bible verse and one question from the lesson to each parent based on the grade level after parents have picked them up. Many parents ask their kids how was class today? And many get the generic answer, “Fine!” Wouldn’t it enhance faith formation between the parent and child if you sent them a quick text that said, “We read Luke 1:39. Ask your child, “What did Elizabeth’s child do when he heard Mary’s voice?” The Remind app lets you set a timer when you want the text sent so you don’t have to worry about remembering to do it as you are dismissing students.
Parents get can get buried in emails. A quick text about what their child was taught when they were at church gives them the ability easily talk about it on the drive home. Hopefully, it will carry into other discussions or the child retelling the whole Bible story. Kids like adults often need a little nudge to further share their faith stories.
We now have the ability to offer a scholarship to help defray the cost of hiring a Wonderfully Made trained educator to come your church. Please be sure to check out the Children's Ministry Web page to read the scholarship requirements and application process.

Dates to remember :
  • Beyond 2020 January 24 & 25, 2020
  • Annual Conference Hot Springs May 27 & 30, 2020