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Wishing you comfort and joy this holiday season!

As we approach the end of this unprecedented year, I want to express how grateful HHS (cats and dogs included!) is for your continued dedication and support. This has been a challenging year for all of us. Despite the lock-downs, the uncertainty in health and finances, and the seemingly never-ending adjustment period for masks and this new normal, you never ever failed to put the animals first. In fact, through volunteering onsite and fostering you all contributed upwards of 12,000 hours towards the animals' care! Thank you for ensuring that 2020 was still an excellent year for life saving and adoptions. Honestly, HHS is nothing without all of you. I cannot wait to see what 2021 has in store for all of us and our furry friends!
Stefanie Dunn
Volunteer & Database Coordinator
Elizabeth Adamson
Hallie Anderson
Marjorie Brujan
Martha Burian
Carlyle Campbell
Ashlee Cederholm
Michelle Clauberg
Leanne Conrad
Christina Cooper
Solitaire Cribbs
Abigail Culverhouse
Marla Curtis
Anna-Ming Daliege
Skylar Fortune
Kelly Gilliland
Kirk Grierson
Amy Ketchum
Lauren Ketchum
Madison Ketchum
Kim Ketterman
Laura Koestel
Amy Lerz
Katie Lewis
Melody Liberatore
Alex Lipow
Joseph McCollum
Jim McCormack
Valerie Menard
Adeline Miller
Carolyn Miller
Michelle Nickerson
Erin Pratt
Emily Rakes
Johna Russell
Naomi Scrafano
Jonathan Silberstein
Sean Sparkman
Marie Thell
Brielle Turpin
Boyd Vernon IV