Volume 5 / Issue 12 | December 2018
The Apologetics Newsletter
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
In this issue: Does Ecclesiastes teach soul sleep? ... The bankruptcy of the prosperity gospel ... Three markers of false teachers ... and more! Take the survey on views of the afterlife, and see the surprising (and troubling) results of last month's survey on salvation.
Does Ecclesiastes teach soul sleep?
Jehovah's Witnesses often use Old Testament passages to support their view of soul sleep. Ecclesiastes 9:5 is one example: "For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing at all ..." But does this verse really teach that physical death brings the end of existence?

The bankruptcy of the prosperity gospel
Preachers of the prosperity gospel say they place a high value on Scripture. Unfortunately, their unique interpretation of God's Word leads to unbiblical conclusions about God's design for the Christian life.

Three markers of false teachers
Here is a message from 2 Corinthians 11:4 that I was privileged to share with attendees at Apolocon 2018, hosted by Immanuel Baptist Church in Springfield, Mo.

How prosperity preachers abuse the Bible
Does God have faith? Can your words create reality? Are followers of Jesus little gods? According to the twisted biblical interpretations of some prosperity preachers, the answer to all three questions is a resounding yes. Hold on. Let's look more closely at these Bible verses.

What every Christian should know about salvation
The MBC has released a new resource for personal or group study. What Every Christian Should Know About Salvation explores 12 Bible terms that describe God's work of redemption. Each chapter concludes with summary statements and probing questions that help individuals and groups dive deeper into the crucial doctrine of salvation.

Which of the following views of the afterlife seems farthest from Scripture to you?
Reincarnation (Hinduism)
Operating Thetan (Scientology)
Purgatory (Roman Catholicism)
Soul sleep / annihilation (Jehovah's Witnesses)
For Christians, absent from the body, present with the Lord
Results from last month's survey:
Which of the following plans of salvation seems most cumbersome?
Twenty responses:
Saved by grace "after all that we can do" (LDS Church) - 2
Five pillars of Islam - 5
Saved by grace through faith - 6 (Really? C'mon!)
Noble eight-fold path (Buddhism) - 3
Seven sacraments of Roman Catholicism - 4
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