Volume 6 / Issue 12 | December 2019
The Apologetics Newsletter
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
In this issue: Was Jesus more than just a prophet? ... Who are you to judge? ... Meet Chris Bass ... What good is apologetics? ... Footing Before Foundation - a new online course ... and more!
Was Jesus more
´╗┐than just a prophet?
Muslims honor Jesus as a great prophet. And the Qur'an mentions him in more than 25 places. At the same time, the Qur'an denies the deity of Christ, as well as the elements of His saving work on the cross. So, if Jesus is only a prophet, we may rightly ask if He ever prophesied about Himself. If so, did His prophecies ever come true?

Who are you to judge?
Jude describes certain false teachers as "merely natural, not having the Spirit" (Jude 19). He seems to be calling these teachers unbelievers. But how can he make such a judgment? Doesn't Jesus tell us not to judge (Matt. 7:1)? Isn't God the only one qualified to search people's hearts (Jer. 17:10)?

Meet Chris Bass
Dr. Chris Bass, pastor of First Baptist Church, Versailles, Mo., is the newest member of the Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network. His articles have been published in Biblical Illustrator . He writes and speaks on apologetics through family worship and other topics.

What good is apologetics?
Christian apologetics is simply a reasonable defense of the Christian faith. The New Testament describes it as God's call to all believers to defend our beliefs with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15-16). But how is sound doctrine applied practically? Put another way, what good is Christian apologetics?

Footing Before Foundation
A building's foundation without a footing crumbles. And like a building, a faith without a footing of truth crumbles. "Footing Before Foundation: Apologetics" is a 12-lesson online course that equips you to build your faith on the solid rock of historic Christianity. Hanna Sims of Red Bridge Baptist Church in Kansas City teaches the course, which begins in January.

What Every Christian Should Know About the Trinity
The Missouri Baptist Convention has released a new resource for personal or group study. What Every Christian Should Know About the Trinity explores the biblical foundation of belief in one true and living God, who exists as three distinct, but inseparable, co-equal, co-eternal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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