We hope you had a happy Fourth of July!

It's been an exceptionally busy time at your United Way these past few months. In six months time, your United Way has vetted, visited and reviewed 52 local program applications from agencies in our six-county footprint. All the programs were laser-focused on improving health, education and financial stability for the people living and working in North Central Florida. Each applicant represents only the best in our non-profit community, and every service delivered affects the lives of everyday people who need assistance. We are excited to share the names of the  funded programs, as well as all of our partner agencies

In total, we:
* Increased our funded portfolio by 9 programs - up to 35 from 26 programs three years ago; 
* Increased the number of United Way agencies from 19 to 23;
* Increased by $50,000 the amount available in the Investment Fund, bringing the total to $1 million dollars a year; and,
* Committed to another three-year funding cycle, among the longest in the state of Florida.

The total amount requested this year was a record $2.7 million - nearly three times what we had available to grant. We know every dollar counts when we are trying to impact a community. In the next few months, we will announce a special effort coming next year to increase local support. When we #LiveUnited, we don't just change lives, we change what's possible.

Deborah V. Bowie, CCE, IOM
President & Chief Executive Officer
United Way
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