Tuesday August 21, 2019
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Position Statment on Resident Wellness Published in CJEM
CAEP Resident Section position statement on resident wellness discusses challenges unique to emergency medicine and strategies to help mitigate burnout at the resident and program level. 
Innovation: CAEP FEI - Ice Cream Rounds
Consider using this as a guide to implement Ice Cream Rounds at your program ! Great opportunity to discuss difficult cases and challenges during residency in a confidential resident-only environment.
First Five Years in Emergency Medicine Facebook Group
This groups aims to be a tool for networking and transition to practice, ie. anonymous patient cases, billing questions, specialist referral recommendations, locum opportunities, research collaboration, financial management. Join the group on Facebook!
Blair Bigham - Macleans
Outdated medical gear is putting airplane passengers at risk
Feature in Macleans Magazine.

Justin Hall - CMAJ Blogs
The supply-demand mismatch: “What do you mean unemployed specialist?*
Feature in CMAJ Blogs.

Connor Lavelle & Niran Argintaru - National Post
What’s your doctor reading? How social media is disrupting medical education
Feature in the National Post.

Opportunities for Residents
CAEP FEI - CanadiEM Digital Scholars Program
Check out this new fellowship opportunity focused on integration of medical education, free open access medicine and digital media.
ResusTO Conference
Joule Innovation-RED Med Conference Funding Opportunity
Apply before August 12. Details here.
If you have any other upcoming events/opportunities for residents - please forward to  defibriletter@caep.ca so they can be included in future Defibrilletters. 
CPD Fall Dates - Plan Now to Avoid Disappointment
Airway Interventions & Management in Emergencies (AIME)
Cranbrook: Oct 3 & 4, 2018
Toronto: Nov 15 & 16, 2018
(In affiliation with Family Medicine Forum)
Montreal: Dec 12 & 13, 2018
(In affiliation with McGill Practical Course in EM)

Airway Interventions & Management in Emergencies
Halifax: Oct 19, 2018
Halifax: Jan 25, 2019

Emergency Department Targeted Ultrasound
Toronto: Nov 17-18, 2018
Montreal: Dec 6-7, 2018
(In affiliation with McGill Practical Course in EM)

Emergency Medicine Review
EM Review III: Brandon: Oct 22-23, 2018
EM Review II: Ottawa: Nov 12-13, 2018
EM Review IV: Toronto: Nov 14, 2018
(In affiliation with Family Medicine Forum)
EM Review I: Windsor: Nov 21, 2018

Shannon Fernando & Peter Reardon

Shannon Fernando
Hall J, Graham J, McGowan M, Cheng A. 
Brittany Ellis

Kodama D, Yangawa B, Chung J, Frayatt K, Ackery A. 

Sun T 1 Guy A 2 Sidhu A 3 Finlayson G 4 Grunau B 5 Ding L 6 Harle S 6 Dewar L 7 Cook R 7 Kanji HD 8 .

Daniel Ting

Ben Tuyp

Steven Skitch
CAEP Resident Leadership Award (FRCPC)
  • Blair Bigham

Penny Gray-Allen Memorial CJEM Writing Award
  • Leo Carroll

CAEP Top Resident Research Abstract Award
  • Shannon Fernando

OMA Achievement Award:
  • Blair Bigham
  • Ahmed Taher
  • Alex Leung

CAEP Education Innovation Abstract Finalists
  • Ahmed Taher
  • Daniel Ting

CAEP Resident Research Abstract Awards
  • Bo Zheng
  • Erica Beatty
  • Alexis Cournoyer
  • Chantal Forristal
  • Robert Suttie
  • Megan Fowler
  • Rajiv Thavanathan