Party for the Planet

Are you and your friends ready for something different after dark? How about a party in the desert, for the desert, sampling the very best drinks in the desert? Join us on April 7 for an evening of tasting craft beer, wine, and specialty liquors from your favorite local and regional producers. Visit with our animated animals, hike the Desert Loop trail in the dark (groovy glow sticks included!), and jam out to some vibrant vinyl tunes. You can buy tickets on March 1. $30/members, $33/non-members.  Cheers to Conservation!
Photo: ASDM/Kat Rumbley
Peccary Picassos

In the words of Pablo Picasso, "P ainting is just another way of keeping a diary," and our resident peccaries sure love to paint! Can you imagine what their diary entries would look like? "Today, we painted...and it was fun!" The keepers at the Desert Museum work hard to enrich the lives of the animals in their care every day. For this enrichment exercise, our keepers used a non-toxic paint that allowed the javelinas to create magnificent masterpieces on canvas. Paint with Peccaries!

Photo: ASDM/Nika Kaiser
Healing Herbs

You know that amazing smell that surrounds the desert after it rains? The plant that helps create the scrumptious scent is the creosote bush. Did you also know that it can be used to heal minor cuts and scrapes? Other desert plants, like brittlebush, can be used to treat pains like arthritis and toothaches. Wander around Museum grounds with us during the popular Sonoran Desert Herbalism class to learn all about common plants and how you can utilize them in your daily life. $40/members, $44/non-members.  How Do You Herb?
Photo: ASDM/Kat Rumbley
Flower Friday

Our cactus garden is full of these bloomin' beauties! The Chihuahuan Snowball cactus (Thelocactus macdowellii) is sprinkled with glassy white spines and produces beautiful and vibrant pink flowers. They will typically bloom in late winter to early summer, depending on the climate. These cute cacti are typically found in the limestone slopes in Coahuila and Nuevo León, Mexico.  Make sure to come visit this weekend to catch a glimpse of these precious plants.  Dig Deeper!

Michael Gilboy _ Danae Delgado
Michael Gilboy & Danae Delgado
Volunteer Viernes

Do you love stingrays and care about ocean conservation? Consider becoming an Aquatic Interpreter this spring. Our current volunteers love helping guests experience our  Stingray Touch  exhibit. They also share information about the different aquatic animals that live in the Sea of Cortez and why it is so important to conserve them. Aquatic Interpreters commit to volunteer for 7 months and participate in interesting training that fosters interpretive skills. Volunteer Today!

What's Going Down in the Desert? 
  • Wildflower Walk (March 2 & 4)
  • Sonoran Desert Herbalism (March 4) 
  • Creating Backyard Habitat (March 8) 
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February 24, 2016