Photo: ASDM/Jullian Faughn
Do You Caracara?

Look at those beaks! The unique blended beaks of yellow, blue, and pink belong to our newest additions: baby caracaras. They are now over a month old and will be placed in our Interpretative Animal and Raptor Free Flight collections. This will allow us to educate more people about this special species! While you won't be able to visit the babies yet, you can visit our adult caracaras at the Vulture Culture exhibit. We hope to see you fly in soon! Craving Caracaras?

Photo: Rhonda Spencer
Who Run the (Insect) World? GIRLS

Insects dominate the animal kingdom.  Winged or wingless, aquatic or terrestrial, solid or fluid feeders, insects have acquired the flexibility to adapt to their surroundings quickly. They are opportunistic, industrious, integral to our ecosystems, and innumerable. And guess what? It's the female insects  that have evolved ingenious ways to control their bodies, make a living, defend themselves, and secure unique food resources.  Interested in Insects?
Photo: Matthew Sullivan
Adopt a Gila Monster!

Did you know you can adopt a Gila monster at the Desert Museum? These resilient reptiles are the largest lizards native to the United States, and now you can become a proud parent of one! This symbolic adoption, featuring a personalized certificate with your loved one's name, is a fun and meaningful way to show you care. Packages start as low as $35! Your thoughtful gift helps us provide high quality care to these lethargic lizards. 
Into the Arctic

Imagine setting off on a decade-long quest to paint, film, and explore the lush landscapes of the Canadian Arctic. Incredible, right? That's exactly what Cory TrĂ©panier did. You can now view his collection, Into the Arctic, in the Ironwood Gallery! The exhibit features more than fifty oil paintings of one of the most fragile regions of our planet. Bonus: When you visit the gallery you have a chance to win a print of the painting, Sam's Wall! You can view the piece here Admire the Arctic!

Photo: ASDM/Jason Wiley
Flower Friday

Have you ever seen an agave like this? The white hair agave (Agave albopilosa) is a very unique and rare plant. The name 'albopilosa' is derived from the Latin 'albus' meaning white, and 'pilosus' meaning hairy. Seems accurately appropriate! Scattered populations of this agave are found in high altitude areas of the nature reserve of La Huasteca in the Sierra Madre Oriental (Mexico). You can also visit this nifty plant in our brand new Agave Garden. Dig Deeper!

Summer,second from left; Todd, far right.
Volunteer Viernes

We would like to congratulate our volunteers of the month, Summer Qasim and Todd Stone. Both have volunteered as Aquatic Interpreters at Stingray Touch for more than a year! Their love and zest for the Stingray Touch exhibit is apparent through their work. They are always eager to answer guests' questions with a smile. We could not do what we do without them. Thank you for being such a great addition to the family.   Volunteer Today!

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June 16, 2017