ASDM/Howard Byrne
What is Your Favorite Reptile?

Today is Reptile Awareness Day! What is your favorite reptile? Howard Byrne, HIIZ Keeper, loves the Arizona coral snake (Micruroides euryxanthus). His reason? "Those colors and that black head!" These snakes have a potent neuro-toxin associated with their venom. However, due to the snake's small size (less venom), the venom doesn't pose as great a danger to humans compared to rattlesnakes. As always, please be respectful if you come across these beauties in the wild. Slither and Slide!
Carol Gray
Cats & Dogs of the Sonoran Desert

How much do you know about the cats and dogs of our beautiful desert region? From large predators like jaguars and Mexican gray wolves, to medium-sized ocelots and coyotes, the Sonoran Desert hosts at least four feline species and three canine species. Join us on November 6 and learn the natural history of these carnivores. You will learn how to identify them in the field, and take a guided walk to see these animals at the museum. $40/members, $44/non-members. Sign Up Here!
ASDM/Betsy Warner
Monarchs, Music & Milkweeds

Got Milkweed? If you love monarch butterflies and music that makes you flutter, join us tomorrow at Dusk Music Festival! The festival is a celebration of music, art and culinary delight at historic Rillito Park. Learn how YOU can help save monarch butterflies through face painting, fun photo ops, and raffles for a pincushion cactus and milkweed plant.The connection between monarchs and milkweed is essential to a flourishing ecosystem. Show Us Your Monarch Moves!
Rhonda Spencer
Flower Friday

Happy Flower Friday! If you've ever visited the Desert Museum you are very familiar with this prominent plant. The saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea) is found exclusively in the Sonoran Desert. These plants are large, tree-like columnar cacti that develop branches (or arms) as they age, although some never grow arms.These arms generally bend upward and can number more than 25! In springtime, you'll see white flowers bloom that ripen into delicious red fruit in the summer.  Dig Deeper! 

Mary Rose  & Rae Jean
Volunteers of the Month

We would like to congratulate our volunteers of the month, Mary Rose Scott and Rae Jean Schlimgen. Mary Rose graduated from the 2016 Docent Class and volunteers on Wednesdays. She also developed a program on preserving native food. Rae Jean has been a volunteer with us for more than 13 years, generously dedicating her time to the Art Institute and Guest Services. Her warm, outgoing personality makes her a pleasure to work with. We could not do what we do without them. Thank you for being such a great addition to the family.  Volunteer Today!

What's Going Down in the Desert? 
  • Natural History of the Sonoran Desert (October 22)
  • Cats and Dogs (November 6) 
  • Slippery and Slithery (November 6) 
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October 21, 2016