Saving Species

Can you imagine photographing more than 6,400 fish, mammals, amphibians, insects, reptiles, and birds? Joel Sartore, world renowed photographer and National Geographic fellow, can and did. Join the Desert Museum and Arizona Public Media next Saturday during Cool Summer Nights for a sneak peek screening of RARE: Creatures of the Photo Ark. This documentary chronicles Sartore's photographic journey to save species around the world. Screening is free with Museum admission.  RSVP Today!

Photo: ASDM/Kat Rumbley
How Do Our Animals Beat the Heat?

It's hot. There's no denying it. Two weeks ago, we had soaring temperatures of up to 117 degrees. So how do we ensure that our animals stay safe, cool, and comfortable? We provide room service! The keepers use plenty of ice during the summer months, specifically for animal enrichmentThe majority of our animal exhibits also have swamp coolers or misters in them. Not all of them are visible to the public, but you may notice our animals' fur and feathers blowing in the breeze. Cool Off!
Photo: ASDM/Frankie Casalenuovo
Are You Hip to Gila Monsters? 

A common misconception is that Gila monsters are poisonous. These reclusive reptiles would like to clear that up! They're actually venomous. So
what's the difference between poisonous and venomous? In both cases, a toxin is produced that is harmful or even lethal to another organism. The real difference is how that toxin is delivered. Venomous creatures inject their venom, while poisonous animals are harmful if eaten or touched. Think you're an expert on Gila monsters? Take Our Quiz!  

Book Sale

Do you know a child or teen who is a bookworm and loves the Sonoran Desert? ASDM Press is having an incredible summer sale on children's books! These entertaining and engaging books make perfect additions to summer activities. Going on a road trip? Dive into a rattlesnake's world in Alice: A Story of Friendship.  Lounging by the pool? Enjoy learning more about cacti, beetles, or hummingbirds with our Getgo Guides. 
Photo: ASDM/Kat Rumbley
Flower Friday

If you search hard enough you may discover these tiny but beautiful blooms around grounds in the summer. The fishhook cactus (Mammillaria grahamii) is the most common of its kind in Arizona. These cacti become more visible in spring and summer when the pretty pink flowers burst open. After the flowers bloom, you will see long, thin, red fruits appear on the plant. Have you seen any fishhook cacti in bloom? We'd love to see photos! You can email them here Dig Deeper!

Photo: Lance Wilson
Volunteer Viernes

Are you a fan of our avian acrobats? Consider volunteering with Raptor Free Flight this season! The popular program features various birds of prey that are native to the Sonoran Desert. Volunteers assist with all aspects of the program including: husbandry, demonstration setup and active participation with the birds during the shows. Benefits? Besides hanging out with the coolest birds in the Southwest, you'll learn about "power of choice training" and more. Volunteer Today!

What's Going Down in the Desert? 
  • Glitter & Glow  (July 1)
  • Saving Species (July 8)
  • Creatures of the Night (July 15) 
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June 30, 2017