You Can Help Save the Vaquita

The world's most endangered marine mammal, the vaquita, is near extinction - with fewer than 30 left in the wild. The Mexican government has determined that urgent action is needed and has developed an emergency conservation plan to begin in May 2017. The plan will locate, catch, and house vaquitas in the Gulf of California, with the ultimate goal to return the animals to a gillnet-free ocean. The vanishing vaquitas are critical to our water ecosystems. We need your support for this project!   Donate Now!
Photo:Jay Pierstorff
We Need Your Help! 

Do you think the Desert Museum is the best zoo in the United States? We were hand-picked by a panel of zoo and family travel experts for USA Today's Top 10 Best Zoos Award! We are currently in 5th place. The Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, Saint Louis Zoo, San Diego Zoo, and Riverbanks Zoo & Garden are who we need to surpass to get to #1. You can vote daily to help us win. We appreciate the support and love! Voting ends on March 27 and the top 10 zoos will be announced on March 31.  Voice Your Vote!
Photo: Brian Nemetz
We're Under (Nest) Construction! 

We've been busy collecting twigs and cactus to build our newest exhibit, Packrat Playhouse- Hidden in the Midden . The indoor space (read: temperature controlled!) will entertain and educate our youngest visitors. Children 0-12 will wander through a twilight scene and navigate the desert as a packrat. We need your input! If you are a caretaker of a youngster, please fill out this survey so we can effectively serve your needs. You could win an Amazon gift card Offer Your Opinion!

Photo: ASDM/Kat Rumbley
Why Party for the Planet?

We know that a party for the planet sounds amazing, but why are we partying? To us, there is no better way to honor Earth Day (April 22) than with the planet's divine and diverse flora and fauna. Party for the Planet, held on April 7, aims to raise awareness about conservation and sustainability. So how can you go green for this event? Consider carpooling or bringing a friend who has never been here before to enjoy many conservation-themed activities that night.  Sip for Saguaros!
Photo: Roger Hirschman
Slippery and Slithery

Do you know the differences between amphibians  and reptiles? Although they are often grouped together, these animals are quite distinct. You can learn about their unique characteristics at our popular  Slippery and Slithery class . Not only will you discover the importance of these creatures to our world and ecosystems, you will spend quality time with the Museum's most charismatic creepers and crawlers. $40/members, $44/non-members. Sounds Toad-ally Awesome!
Photo: ASDM/Kat Rumbley
Flower Friday

It's officially flower season at the Desert Museum! Come visit us this weekend to surround yourself in hues of yellow, orange, pink, and blue. Pro tip? Head over to our Cactus Garden to see the best blossoms. Not only will you see an abundance of captivating colors and flowers, you will also spot one of our agaves in bloom (pictured)! This mystical marvel (Agave shawii) is found in central Baja California and is a pollinator pad for bees, birds, and even bats. Dig Deeper!

Sue Fauth & Peter Jorgensen
Volunteer Viernes

We would like to congratulate our volunteers of the month, Sue Fauth and Peter Jorgensen. Since 2006, Sue has supported countless departments at the Museum. Currently, she is a Tuesday docent and an Aquatic Interpreter. Her positive attitude greatly influences guests and her peers. Peter is an Aquatic Interpreter Lead. He has enthusiastically volunteered with the stingrays since their flippers landed at the Museum. We could not do what we do without them. Thank you for being such a great addition to the family. Volunteer Today!

What's Going Down in the Desert? 
  • Slippery and Slithery (March 18)
  • Tapas and Spain Trip Preview (March 28) 
  • Cholla Bud Harvest (April 1) 
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March 10, 2017