Photo: Marshall Norris
Cheers for Conservation! 

Do you love beer? And conservation? Help us celebrate the release of Beat Bock Buffelgrass, a bock beer made by local brewery, Borderlands. Our partnership aims to raise awareness about the invasive species, buffelgrass. Join us on January 12 & 13 at Borderlands to sip for saguaros! When you order the limited release brew on these days, a percentage of proceeds will go towards the Museum's important conservation efforts. Enjoy lively presentations, terrific tunes, and delicious drinks.  Sip For Saguaros!

Tales from the Vault

Have you ever been inside our mineral vault? Join us for Tales from the Vault, an exclusive behind the scenes tour. You'll see more than 16,000 mineral and fossil specimens that most visitors have never seen before. Some specimens last saw the light of day over 100 years ago while others are best appreciated through a microscope due to the perfection of their small crystals.Tours are $25 per person. There are only four available dates (first is January 13), so you better snag your tickets quick.  Rock On Out!
Photo: Angella Parker
Interested In Insects?

Did you know that short-horned walking sticks are parthenogenic (females can reproduce sans males)? And that the southern Sky Islands host 3 of the 4 US species of jewel beetle (pictured right)? Insects dominate the animal kingdom and are integral to our ecosystems. Unfortunately, many of these critters are simply misunderstood or misrepresented. We think insects are entirely interesting and hope you will too (after enjoying these fun facts).  Read The Blog!
Photo: Stephane Poulin
Flower Friday

Have you visited our Labyrinth Garden before? This area is a quiet zone that allows visitors to experience a traditional garden formation still utilized by native peoples in our region.The ancient pattern combines the imagery of the circle and spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. You will find special medicine plants in the exhibit and benches along the edge that create a unique space to reflect and meditate. Dig Deeper! 
Photo: ASDM Staff
Volunteer Viernes

If you love gardening in the desert, we have the perfect volunteer position for you! Consider becoming a garden volunteer with our Botany department. Volunteers will assist staff with development of the botanical collection and the maintenance of Museum landscapes, with a special emphasis on our pollinator gardens. This means you'll be spending plenty of time with butterflies! We are looking for someone who can volunteer once a week.  Volunteer Today!

What's Going Down in the Desert? 
  • Beat Bock Buffelgrass Beer Release Party (January 12 & 13)
  • Mineral Madness (January 13 & 14) 
  • Colors of Cabo Pulmo Opening (January 20)
Want more info on these awesome events? Check it Out!  
December 29, 2017