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Membership Updates

On Friday, June 15, the Museum increased its membership rates (except for the Student category). We didn't want you to be caught off guard by this and thought you may wonder why this happened, so we thought we'd provide you with some things you might not know about the Desert Museum. Curious if you know these five factoids?  Learn More Here!

Trying to beat the heat? Want to sip a specialty  cocktail under the stars? You can do both of those things at  Astronomy Night (Cool Summer Nights)  on Saturday, July 14! View the wonders of the night sky with high-powered telescopes, enjoy interactive & educational solar system activities, and relax in our air conditioned exhibits. Arizona residents: It's only $16.95 for you to visit with us. We hope to see you stargazers there! Need more info?  Stargaze on Saturday!
Photo: ASDM/Kat Rumbley

July is hot in Tucson, there's no doubt about it. But it isn't so bad in the Chiricahua Mountains, especially if you are splashing in the water. Relive summer camp as an adult! This camp is perfect for those who like studying animals and are lifelong learners. This 5-day workshop (July 13-19) provides an introduction to the fauna and flora of the Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona. Includes lodging, meals, and transportation to/from Tucson.  $1050/members, $1155/non-members
Climb the Chiricahuas!

The Sonoran Desert is a major hot spot for insect diversity. If you've ever wanted to touch moths and beetles, Insect Insanity (Cool Summer Nights) is your chance! Join us on Saturday, July 21, to celebrate interesting insects and amazing arthropods. Kids can try a cricket-infused treat and craft their own antennae to wear around grounds. Our favorite nighttime activity? Marveling at scorpions as they glow green under black light!  Interested in Insects?
Photo: ASDM/Jason Wiley
Flower Friday
How gorgeous are these pops of purple? Flowers of the Guayacán shrub (Guaiacum coulteri ) were spotted on grounds a few weeks ago. This species is rare in cultivation because it grows very slowly and is frost-sensitive. Guayacán is native to the plains of Sonora, Mexico, and will flower from now until October. Along with blessing our eyes with a visual vacation, the plant provides larval food for Lyside Sulfur butterflies. You can buy these beauties at our Plant Sale in September! 

Volunteer Viernes

We would like to congratulate our volunteers of the month for June and July: Dona Pardo, Bill Marum, Scott Safford, and Scott Oldendorph. Dona is a Tuesday and Saturday Docent Captain. Bill is also a Docent Captain on Sundays. Scott Safford is a Docent and Wayfinder, and Scott Oldendorph is an Aquatic Interpreter. We could not do what we do without them. Thank you for being such a great addition to the family. 
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What's Going Down in the Desert? 
  •  Creatures of the  Night (Cool Summer Nights) (July 7)
  •  Mess in the Nest (Packrat Program) (July 12 &14)
  • Astronomy Night (Cool Summer Nights) (July 14)
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July 6, 2018