Noche de Las Calaveras

Tickets are on sale now! To celebrate the rich heritage of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), the Desert Museum is hosting a brand new event, Noche de las Calaveras (Night of the Skulls). Join us on Friday, November 3, and enjoy a progressive dinner of traditional Mexican street fare, delicious drinks, live music, "sugar" skull decorating, cultural presentations, an earth chiminea, and so much more! $60/members, $65/General Admission.  Feast on Friday!

Photo: ASDM/Liz Kemp
Raptor Free Flight Q&A

Have you ever been curious why the birds in Raptor Free Flight don't fly off? Or wondered what the tiny, black wires on the birds' tails are? The Raptor Free Flight keepers answered these questions (and more) in our latest video Opening day for the general public will be tomorrow, October 21, at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Reminder:  we can't guarantee which birds of prey will fly that day. It's always a surprise (and isn't that half of the fun?!)  Join the Raptor Rush!  
Photo: ASDM/Julia Rowe
Tackling Buffelgrass on Tumamoc

If you live in Tucson, chances are that you've hiked Tumamoc Hill before. The 860-acre ecological reserve is one of the oldest research stations in the world and a culturally and scientifically important site. Eight years ago, buffelgrass control on the hill was suspended. Today, this popular place is covered with the invasive grass. We have teamed up with multiple partners to battle buffelgrass on this historic hill. This will help preserve native vegetation and animal species.  How Can You Help?
Photo: Jay Pierstorff
Cats & Dogs of the Sonoran Desert

How much do you know about the cats and dogs of our beautiful desert region? From large predators like jaguars and Mexican gray wolves, to medium-sized ocelots and coyotes, the Sonoran Desert hosts at least four feline species and three canine species. Join us on November 4 to learn the natural history of these carnivores. You will discover how to identify them in the field and enjoy a guided walk to see these animals at the Museum. $40/members, $44/non-members.  Sign Up Here!

Photo: Pablo Lopez
Flower Friday

Did you know that there is a chocolate flower ( Berlandiera lyrata) that literally smells like chocolate? We know, it sounds to good to be true. If you're curious to steal a sniff, you can find these blooming beauties at the front entrance of the Museum. The flowering plant is part of the sunflower family and a favorite pollinator pad. Not only do these flowers smell like chocolate, they taste like it too. The plant was commonly used by Native Americans to help stomach issues.  Dig Deeper!  
Photo: ASDM/Kat Rumbley
Volunteer Viernes

Fall is the perfect time to start volunteering at the Desert Museum, especially as a Way Finder. Volunteers in this position walk the Museum's grounds to ensure that guests are enjoying their visit. If you appreciate being outdoors and like talking to people from around the world, this position is for you! We are looking for enthusiastic, communicative, and engaging people that can volunteer on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.  Volunteer Today!

What's Going Down in the Desert? 
  • Raptor Free Flight Opening Day (October 21)
  • Noche de las Calaveras (November 3) 
  • Cats and Dogs (November 4) 
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October 20, 2017