May 6, 2016: In This Issue
May 21 - Cool Summer Nights
 Full Moon Festival 
May 28 - Cool Summer Nights
              Creatures of the Night
June 4 - Cool Summer Nights
              World Ocean Night
June 11 - Cool Summer Nights
               Living in Harmony
June 18 - Cool Summer Nights
               Full Moon/Art & Music
June 25 - Cool Summer Nights
               Desert Electric Night
July 2 - Cool Summer Nights
            Creatures of the Night
July 9 - Cool Summer Nights
            Science Rocks!
Oct. 3 - 9 - California Missions
                 & Wineries Tour 
2nd Bighorn Sheep Born
Credit: ASDM/Kenny Don
We have another baby! A second Bighorn sheep lamb was born on Sunday, April 24. It's a girl (ewe) and playfully leaping with the other lamb born on March 23. This is the first lamb for the ewe which was also born here on Mother's Day 2014. So how can they so easily scamper across a rock face?  Check it Out!
Summer Art Classes
Credit: ASDM/Art Institute
This summer, let the Art Institute's highly-skilled instructors draw you into nature's wonder through photography, sketching, mixed media collage, painting, and more. Promoting conservation through art education, AI classes are a relaxed and fun way to beat the Tucson heat.  Sketch It Out!
Cool Summer Nights Begin
Credit: Michael Nolan
Mark your calendars! Cool Summer Nights start on May 21. Every Saturday evening through September 3, the Museum stays open until 10 p.m. Your favorite themes return this year. Full Moon Festival kicks off the summer celebration followed by Creatures of the Night. Back by popular demand are Astronomy Nights, Insect Insanity, World Oceans Night, and more! 

Jesús Garcia Recognized
Credit: ASDM
Congratulations to Jesús Garcia, Education Specialist, for winning the Citizen Forester of the Year award from Arizona State Forestry (ASF)! He has been propagating inspiration in our communities with the Kino Heritage Fruit Trees Project. ASF programs honor those working in Arizona to promote sustainable urban forests. How Did This Come to Fruition?