February 8, 2016: In This Issue
February 6 - Mountains, Mines & Minerals
February 11 - Heirloom Fruit Tree Workshop
February 13 -The Big Read
February 20 - Sandhill Cranes, Raptors & Waterfowl
February 27 - Mammoths of the San Pedro Valley
March 5 - Wildflower Walk
March 9 - Wildflower Walk
March 12 - Fairy Gardening
March 26 - Sun Cooking & Passive Solar Design 
April 2 - Cholla Bud Harvest
April 8-10 - Birding the Chiricahuas
April 16 - Pine Needle Basketweaving
April 17 - Food & Drink Fermentation Workshop
April 24 - Desert Museum Annual Gala: Desert Canids
Stingray Exhibit in Progress
Allison Miller photo 
What do stingrays and a fever have in common? A fever is also a group of stingrays! Our stingray pups arrived almost three weeks ago and are giving staff the fever to complete their new exhibit. Along with the Sea of Cortez exhibit in the Warden Aquarium, the rays provide a valuable educational experience about marine life indigenous to the Sonoran Desert. Watch for the opening this summer!

Be Part of an Art Exhibit!
That would be you--one of the human animals that we see every day around the Desert Museum.  Have your portrait taken-and be immortalized in a permanent art exhibit! A visionary performance  experience and photographic exhibit, The Other Animal celebrates the people of the Museum. Get your picture taken Feb. 12, 13 & 14, 10am - 2pm, and take home a free copy! 
Exhibit runs through Feb. 28.
...and Edgar Allan Poe
Roger Hirschman photo
Next Saturday's 10 a.m. Raptor Free Flight is followed by a dramatic reading of the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe, "The Raven." This haunting rendition is part of Literacy Connect's involvement with the National Education Association's program, "The Big Read." Relax in the Desert Garden and immerse yourself in this mystifying prose. The raven's keeper will also be there for questions about this raptor that so fascinated Poe. 
Discover Our Prehistoric Residents
Two million years ago, the ground shook in southern Arizona as nine-ton mammoths thundered across the San Pedro Valley. Take a trip to Murray Springs archeological site near Sierra Vista to discover the Ice Age megafauna of the Pleistocene epoch. You'll also learn about the Clovis people, skilled hunters that lived alongside these giants. The tour stops in St. David for lunch and further exploration.